October 28, 2016

Jubei Quest - End Game

We're leaving together, but still it's fareweeeell.
And maybe we'll come baaaaack — to earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blaaaaame.
We're leaving Jubeiiii! (leaving Jubei!)
Will things ever be the same agaaaaain?

It's the final chapter!

One day, I'm sure I'll look back on my one-posting-per-chapter formula for Jubei Quest and be glad that I spent the extra time with it.  Right now though, I'm just happy to be in the home stretch.  I've got to be in a certain mood before I'm able to blog; frequent stopping of gameplay to post compounds the wait time between periods of being "in the zone".  Normally, I just stop playing when a mood hits and I can bang out the majority of a post in a single sitting.  At any rate, I've still got this posting and a ranking to do, so I'd better get on with it then.  Since becoming an airship/dragon, the posse and I have been able to explore the rest of the world and... hrmm, I'm kinda low on stuff to talk about and I'm sure the readers have noticed that the recent postings have only been getting shorter and shorter.  Better break out the old crutch of rehashing previous jokes in order to get another screenshot in.

♪ I can Shen you the world! ♫

There isn't much world left to explore, just an island or two. We're basically just looking for the Alien Doll in order to break it, so it shouldn't take too long to find it.

Hey guy, we're looking for an alien doll.  Should
be about yea high, quite cuddly and...  oh shit.

This alien "doll" is freaking tough as all get out.  It's got something called a UFO Gun which hits everyone for 500+ damage, killing all except Rock, who just dies the next turn.  Luckily, we've got two All-Revivers, procured from our spaceship buddy, which automatically heals the entire party.  Still, we're having a hard time penetrating A.D.'s defences, even though we've been throwing everything we have at it.

Argh!  Why does the game keep telling me this?!?!

Though we use up a good chunk of our items, it was all for naught, as the doll just guns us into oblivion.  Being wiped out in this unwinnable combat triggers a plot point where we receive the Sealing Sphere, which should be effective against the doll.  The doll is back in Dr. Main's castle, which has risen from the depths of the ocean somewhere in the world, the exact location to be found on my absolute most favourite map ever (sorry, Jirokichi).

Better check the other side as
well in case there's more.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that's Jubei's mom giving everyone in the room an eyeful of sweet, hot back, including Jubei.  Jubei's father, on the other hand, totally tries to jump on the Nung bandwagon and declares that Jubei's real name is, in fact, Shen!

This is just sad.

The lord gives Jubei his final equipment, a Hyper Suit and a Laser Sword, which I think really should have gone to the leader of the group (i.e. me).  Now we're finally ready for the final dungeon, Dr. Main's futuristic city, which has the best monsters in the entire game.  Not only are they all robots and shit, but each one has some impressive colour cycling when it becomes heavily damaged.

I'm not sure whether I should
be hypnotized or be raving.

Now, I'm not going to show y'all every monster's cycle, but what I can do is give you stills of the rest in a special robostage™.

Mmm, another classic content crutch.

The journey through is long and difficult and I am thankful that we fully stocked up on healing Elixirs before embarking.  Eventually, we find the Alien Doll again and this time we invoke the Sealing Sphere, only to have it fail miserably.  I figure that we have to beat the doll down to its colour cycling stage and then use the sphere.  The Doll has other plans and obliterates us in a few rounds.  The second attempt fares better, as we survive much longer and dish out a good amount of damage but the end result is the same.  A few more failed attempts and I have to leave and cool off.  Coming back with a freshly caffeinated mind and I try the unorthodox technique of using the sphere multiple times, which results in the complete destruction of the alien doll.  The doll isn't the final boss, though; we still have Dr. Main and his cronies to take on.  The first three are all mini bosses we've fought before; they hold no real threat.  Upon their defeat, however, they all Voltron it up and combine to create the fearsome Servedragon.

It's not strange, it's a chimera with the
goat head hidden behind the wings.

While slightly tougher when combined, we still manage to poke it with pointy things until it stops moving, and then it's on to the main event with the good doctor.  Dr. Main catches on to our regular routine of buffing with the Cover, Haze, Shield and Sword spells and counters with a Clean.  Some buffs I feel are critical and so this game begins where I buff and then take bets on how long it'll last until Main Cleans again.  Main is tough enough to be able to kill off a party member here and there, but we're chock full of Revivers, which resurrect a character with full HP and AP.  This means everyone (except Rock) can cut loose with their magic with no fear of running out.  Jubei has a special Raiden attack takes up a third of his AP.  After he exhausts them, I find myself hoping that he dies so he can be revived with a fresh stock of Raidens.  I'm not saying that I'm purposefully giving preferential healing to those that perhaps don't need it as much as Jubes, but, yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing.  He's got nuthin' to complain about; Dr. Main is in his damaged form and ready to topple.

No colour cycling though.

With Dr. Main, the world is safe again (but for how long?) and we finally catch up with the Time Wanderer, who've we been one town behind the entire game and who I'm not even sure if I've mentioned before.  Anyway, he drops a knowledge bomb on me about how I'm actually a Time Lord or something but got lost in the time stream due to a wormhole and also amnesia?

I dunno, something to do with time.

At any rate, I have to leave everyone because I'm going back 15 years to before I was born since the time stream is safe now and I have to back and close the wormhole.  None of this sounds familiar to me, it actually sounds like something Jubei should be dealing with.  I give him a glance to see if there's any flicker of recognition while the Wanderer is yapping at me, but no, he's got the same stupid dumb look on his face that he always does.  Guess I'm going back in time, yo.  I've made too many friends here not to say goodbye first, so it's off to shed some tears and gather some hugs.

Evidently, my efforts to trans to
male have failed miserably.

I even say goodbye to Jirokichi who gives me a predictable farewell.

You mean to the point before the memories
you won't be forgetting are even made?

I climb into the time machine, set the dial to -15 years, and get ready to rock.  Time travel is remarkably low-res, just a bunch of concentric squares of varying shades of blue.  I at least expect some names to scroll by but that doesn't happen.  At the end of my journey all I get is this very appropriate end screen, considering the time I took to finish Jubei Quest.