September 19, 2013

Deep Dungeon III - Deep Az The Root

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'... into the fuuuuture.  Alas, I've failed a checksum and made a huge mistake.  All this recent dungeon crawling had turned energetic and vibrant Shen into sullen and listless Nung.  So I outsourced most of the processing to some oversea slave CPUs and went into a much deserved sleep mode.  After some jackass office drone bumped the computer I was resting in, I decided to check in on how much progress was made.  I was quite irate to find that the majority of the SPUs weren't doing Deep Dungeon at all and were playing Excitebike instead.  I guess I gotta manchine up and do this isht my own damn self.  No shortcuts to freedom, I spose.

That being said, there's not a whole lot more to say.  These types of games, with their high gameplay-to-posting ratios, usually only allow for an opening and ending posting but there have been a few developments since the initial entry was uploaded all those weeks ago.  And those developments are errors as well.  Man, I'm having a great month.  My first goof was about the character removal system.  An empty slot can be filled by other adventurers that are found within the dungeon.  I just hadn't come across one yet but after the first, many more were found.

I'm sorry, the position has been filled.
But we'll keep your résumé on file
in case something opens up.

What really grinds my gears is that this guy showed up just past the point I had got up to before deciding to reset.  Ah well, I like to be able to name my characters anyway.  My second, more minor, flub was assuming that there were no item drops from creatures.  Again, I just hadn't come across one because they are ultra-rare.  In the hundreds of battles I've done, there have been maybe five drops.  Even amongst those, only one was better than anything I could currently purchase.

Even with rare drops, still couldn't be bothered
to have a weapon pic?  That'll cost ya.

I actually kinda like how rare the drops are.  There's less hassle dragging extra equipment that's just going to be sold anyway.  With less items to sell, there's less of a chance of breaking the economy.  With the exception of the short sword, the drops I did get were all high quality weapons.  It makes getting an item drop an actual event instead of just throwing it on the proverbial pile.

This deep dungeon is quite a bit deeper than the other two but not quite as empty.  In addition to a good number of potential allies, there's many NPCs who spout off generally useless info.  The most useful info actually comes from messages scrawled on the walls but the people just like to shoot the breeze or tell me things that I was going to do anyway.  Keep in mind these are people who are in the same dungeon I am except that they're alone.

Don't you mean "AHH!  AHHH!  They're
after me! Please save me from all

The abovementioned master of the tower proved to be the most interesting encounter so far.  His level is shaped like a fortress, complete with double doors leading into his inner sanctum.  I just knew something big was coming because the wall tiles actually changed colour as I entered it.  That's right.  An early dungeon crawler actually had a tile palette swap during the exploration of a single level.  The tower master wasn't too tough but I was just glad to have a boss fight.

Just for you, Barzas, I'll even downgrade
my guffaws to sniggers.

I've got the ball of light which probably will just act as key to some doors that I haven't been able to unlock yet.  Hopefully now that I'm back in full control of the situation, I'll be able to pick up the pace and make some decent headway.