July 21, 2013

Deep Dungeon II - Ranking

Story & World

Having a multi-leveled castle complete with towers sitting on top of a regular dungeon is pretty nifty.  Having Ruu, the villain from the first DD, show up again is always nice to see in a sequel (even if they did just reuse the same graphic).  Too bad there wasn't any crazy plan this time; I'm not even sure what the Dark Emperor ever intended to do.  Heh, maybe he wasn't planning anything, just lazing around, minding his own biz, making some bacon pancakes, before I busted in and ruined his breakfast.  3/20

Character Development

Being assigned points to allot to various stats is a big improvement over the nothing that the first game had.  I think I did break the game a little by focusing so much on agility but, hey, if the game doesn't like it then it shouldn't give me points to use.  There are actually a few less magic items in this sequel but it's not that big a loss since all the most useful ones are still present in some form.  5/20

Combat & Monsters

Exactly the same as the first Deep Dungeon, except that the healing Breads are now called Veggie Soups.  Oh, and magic items cost more than one hit point to fuel (it's a whopping three this time).  3/20

Graphics & Sound

A modest gain in both categories.  It would have been nice to have the castle and tower walls look significantly different from the dungeon levels but at least the colours are quite different.  While the music isn't that great on its own, it is better than before and there is also a lot more of it.  4/20


I never did find a place other than the town where I could spend golds, so the economy was broke after about a tenth of the game was completed.  Enemies on certain floors would almost always give up an item that could be sold back in town for hundreds of gold.  It only took one such trip before I had more gold than I would ever need.  For shame.

Again, my maps lost more and more detail as I hit the extreme upper and lower levels.  This was partly due to spinners which would sometimes turn me in such a way that the screen visually remained the same (e.g. 180° in a straight corridor) and I would unknowingly continue mapping erroneously.  After reaching a point where it became obvious that something wasn't quite right, I choose to just scribble in basic details instead of redrawing the entire level (not worth the extra effort).

Overall, this second deep dungeon was just as devoid of things as the first.  Some areas never even got explored as I knew there probably wouldn't be anything important in it.  Still, it's a short romp, much like the first, so it doesn't drag too much.  3/20

Final Ranking:  18/100