May 13, 2013

Dragon Quest IV - Don't Go Breyking My Heart

With a mere one hundred casino coins in her possession, Alena first hit up the slots to fully test out her luck stat.  Even though she managed to come out ahead, after about five minutes she was nodding off.  Perhaps the machine needed more bells and flashy lights.  Naw, not even that would have helped because, at the end of the day, slots is still the most lame and boring "game" ever designed.

Now, if slimes could be matched,
it'd be a different story.

The monster challenge arena showcased the kind of excitement that was more up Alena's alley.  A selection of monstrosities are assigned odds and then let loose in a bloody fight to the death where only one may stand.  Alena wanted to see some healers throw down but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Thank goodness there was some
hot slime-on-slime action.

It was here that Alena tripled up her stash but after seeing all the possible matchups, she started getting a little blasé again.  Plus, the coins just weren't piling up fast enough if she wanted that shield.  The only viable way to the shield is through the poker game, where the double-or-nothing portion after a win can lead to big bank.  The maximum bet is 100 coins and Alena quickly lost her hard-earned stack.  Instead of just quietly walking away until she cooled down, she furiously marched up to the cashier and exchanged the majority of the group's gold for 500 casino coins (costing 5,000 golds).  Brey and Cristo tried to calm her down but she just knocked those two pansies down to the floor and strode right back to the poker table.  Still betting at the maximum bet of 100, she lost the first few times but then hit it big with four of a kind, netting 2000 coins.  To be able to start the double-or-nothing from here meant just five wins would take her well over her goal of 50,000.  Would she be successful this early in her gambling career?

She was too stunned after losing the
16,000 coins to screenshot her loss.

Brey and Cristo were somewhat relieved that now at least they could get back to adventuring and preparing for the tournament.  As they ground away at monsters in the nearby forest, they took Alena's silence to mean that she was still miffed about losing all that gold.  What they didn't know was that Alena was only out here to get more gold to continue gambling.  Five thousand golds later and she renewed her dedication to the gambling parlour.  This time she played it safer and cashed out occasionally during the double-or-nothing to give her a solid base from which to bet.  And bet.  And bet.  With the amount of time she devoted, pattrens in the cards inevitably began to show.  While there is no guaranteed pattren, there are some that work 80-90% of the time.  Picking the second card for the first three rounds of double-or-nothing usually works and was relied heavily upon by Alena.  Just by utilizing this one basic pattren, Alena managed to get up to around 20,000 coins but then went on a big losing streak until she lost a quarter of that massive hoard.  Since the tournament was starting shortly, Alena took the reasonable route, cashed out, and bought a Meteorite Armband for Brey and Cristo for being so patient with her.  They then rushed off to the tournament to take in some of the preliminary fights.

Go Fight!  Go Fight!

After the nosebleeds were done with their pathetic displays, it was time for Alena to step up and attempt to fight through five consecutive opponents.  The only other contestant to be able to do this was Necrosaro.  Who is Necrosaro?  Why, only one of the biggest, meanest, and most brutal fighters to ever compete in the tournament.

Necrosaro, eh?  SOUNDS

Since Cristo couldn't help out Alena with healing, she brought a couple of Medical Herbs with her.  Between battles, she is allowed to take a breather and recoup a bit.  Not that her foes were all that tough; she made short work of them with her newly purchased Iron Claw.

Half of them also had Medical Herbs
on them which they forgot to use.

The only difficult fight was with the Linguar, who divides into four identical images of which only one is real.  Bad luck could see Alena landing nary a hit on the huggable beast and whenever she did miss, the Linguar would further mock the princess.

Of course, mocking in a most adorable way.

Landing two hits on the Linguar is all it takes to wipe that tongue off his face and with five opponents down, Alena is set to take on Necrosaro.  In a shocking twist, the man they call Necrosaro doesn't show up and Alena is declared the winner by default.  In high spirits, Alena and those other guys head back to Santeem Castle only to find it completely deserted. The chapter ends with many unanswered questions concerning Necrosaro, the dreams of the king, and what befell the good citizens of Santeem.  Will the answers to these pressing questions be unearthed in a later chapter?... Probably!