November 15, 2012

Sweet Home - End Game

The Low Key we acquired from the memorial tower granted us access to a new section of the manor.  Here we found a safe room occupied by the spirits of the servants of the Mamiya household.  They were a downtrodden bunch, regaling us with the tales of Lady Mamiya's descent into madness and how they have remained hidden from her wrath... for now.

All right!  Let's get this party started!

We used this room as a base of operations for awhile but the servants were such buzzkillers that we decided to take our chances with the wraiths and ghouls instead.  We found the way to the Mad Lady's bedroom but it was blocked by an unfightable servant.  Ichirou, the head of the household, had apparently ordered this ghostly guard to prevent anyone other than himself from accessing the bedroom.  We tried everything in our inventories to get passed this barrier but it was all for naught.

Even the fake moustache
and glasses didn't work.

After searching the house again from top to bottom, our whole crew was still stumped.  Turns out we had the two correct items all along but it was just that they both had to be held by a single person.  The extra levels gained from all the dicking about eased our collective pain.  As we approached the lady's sleeping quarters, we were approached once again by Yamamura; a spirit that has helped us a few times in the past.  He gave us words of encouragement and then sacrificed his life (again?) in order to bring down an energy barrier just before the bedroom.

I have this sudden craving for
some braised short ribs.

Filled with dread, we entered the long-sealed room and braced ourselves for the final confrontation with Lady Mamiya.  We could only surmise what horrors lay in wait for us in the Lady's lair.  Decades of madness hath surely twisted her innermost sanctum into a vile den of unspeakable terror.

First we'll have a tea party and then we'll

The expected final fight was not to be had as the Lady just beaked at us and then buggered off.  There were still more items to be gathered and more secrets to be discovered.  Exploration by this point was made quite easy by the extra levels we had previously gained.  Most battles would be finished before the foe got a single hit in.  With the battle system being pretty much limited to button mashing, this allowed for greater focus on completing our quests of removing the curse and taking pictures of identical frescos.  Clues from our wanderings had informed us that we needed four items crucial to releasing Lady Mamiya's spirit.  These items have memories tied to them that will hopefully brute force the Lady to stop being such a Debbie Downer.  One of them is a coffin with her dead baby inside; if that doesn't work, nothing will.  The REAL final approach to Lady Mamiya was easily the most difficult part for us.  There are character-whisking spirits galore but thankfully there are places for all of us to hide.

Nothing to see here, dumb
spirits.  Move along.

After a couple hundred attempts to navigate this area, we were finally rewarded with facing the final boss, which turned out to be... Lady Mamiya!

Mamma mia!  It's Mamiya! (sorry... had to)

Instead of just wailing on her as in regular RPGs, the aforementioned four critical items had to be used in the proper order and at the proper time.  During the battle, the Lady is yelling at the characters and the items have to be used after a certain phrase is uttered.  Praying at specific times also has to be done.  If someone flubs their part, the process must be started again from the beginning.  If done successfully, Lady Mamiya unleashes a massive wail of anguish and transforms into some sort of ectoplasmic form that can be beat upon in the normal fashion.

Ah.  This is more like it.

With Lady Mamiya outnumbered three to one, it didn't take long to pummel her grotesque body into giving up the ghost.  Now freed from her self-inflicted anguish, her spirit can ascend to the great beyond.  She'll finally be reunited with her child and maybe she'll meet some of the parents of the other children she murdered.  As for us?  Well, I think we'll be getting a Pulitzer Prize out of this story.  Except for Emi she's going to be in the asylum for a long, long time.

Bonus material:  Character death scenes because death scenes.