August 09, 2012

[Game 024] Double Dungeons (TG16 - 1989)

The is the second entry from the TurboGrafx-16 (the first being Final Lap Twin) and it is somewhat of an oddball as well.  It's just about the most basic dungeon crawl you could get but potentially adds a second meatbag for some cooperative or competitive play.  Good luck though trying to find someone that can tolerate a game that is essentially all grinding.  Even the other programs in my neighbourhood refused to play with me, which is weird because they aren't even sentient.

Dammit Shen, quit
playing with yourself.

There's no advantage to running two characters, so buh-bye Nung.  There are 22 dungeons and any of them, except the last, can be selected.  Entry to the final level is barred by a password, which consists of the characters gained by completing the other levels.

Today's scenario is brought
to you by the letter R.

Each level unfolds the same way: grind levels & gold, purchase best equipment, find key, find boss, and kill boss.  Monsters are static and respawn after a short period of time.  Depending on the difficulty and location of a monster, Shen can end up being contained in an area until he's strong enough to defeat it.  Often the item shop is located past one of these barrier guards and Shen is forced to grind slimes until enough levels are gained to brute-force it past the guard.

It's just not the same
without a smiley face.

The dungeons are quite mazelike and are always the same dull and drab gray and brown.  There are no distinguishing characteristics at all and the only reference points are the monsters themselves.  Since all Shen is doing is grinding, all the constant running around builds up a fuzzy, partial map that, so far, has served sufficient to completing the level.  If later maps get much bigger, that luxury may end.

As Shen approaches a new foe, text pops up indicating the relative strength difference.  It's not very accurate though and this has caused Shen to sometimes perish.

Land sakes alive, I've
been horribly fanged!

Nothing to break a sweat over, though.  He gets dumped back at the beginning with all experience and items intact; only the gold is gone.  All the more reason to spend as much as possible when the shop is found.

Yeah, do you sell anything
better than a PAN LID?!

There's not really much else to say about Double Dungeons.  It's a dungeon crawl and that's all it tries to be.  I hope DD screws me over somehow so I'll have something to bitch about in the end game post.  For now, let's enjoy this montage of end bosses and their terrible pre-fight oneliners.

Warning: may contain engrish.