February 17, 2012

Wizardry II - Ranking

Story & World

Everything is pretty much the same as Wizardry I but there are a few exceptions.  There are more friendly encounters within the dungeons, mostly to facilitate the exchange of key items, but these are brief.  Gnilda herself is the NPC star with two, count 'em, TWO whole scenes with the characters.  The quest has changed from just killing the foozle to a string of fetch quests but is otherwise unremarkable.  4/20

Character Development

Same as Wiz 1 except that it's hella cool to be able to wear the Knight of Diamond's armour pieces after you kill them.  Bonus point16/20

Combat & Monsters

Same as Wiz 1.  14/20

Graphics & Sound

Same as Wiz 1.  15/20


There was no single item like the Ring of Death to break the economy this time.  It was only into the mid/late game when the party was selling off excess amounts of high quality weapons.  Another nice way of keeping our funds down was having some jackass NPC on the fourth floor charge us 100,000 golds to hear him ramble on about spells.  15/20

Final Ranking:  64/100