July 28, 2011

Ultima III - Who Rotten 'Em?

Progress started slow but steady and gradually started picking up steam after finding out the Cave of Gold does indeed contain many golds.  Just not on the first two levels, which I thought is as far as it went for some reason.  I think I thought of it as a "beginning" dungeon (being right near Royal City).  It wasn't until hitting the bottom level 8 of my third dungeon that the pattern became clear.  Utilizing the wizard spell Descent made getting to the lower levels (with more golds) a snap and pretty soon I had strip mined the shit out of that mutha.  With no one in the party able to wear any heavy and expensive armour, all that cash cash money went straight into stat building.  Oh, and I guess we got some marks along the way as well.

Mark of Fire?  Pfft... you can't sell that.

First to increase his power levels significantly is Shen Nung.  Being a wizard, the only stat I was concerned with was Intelligence.  With every five points (500 GP) came an additional spell.  By the time Nung reached 70 INT, he was blessed with the spell that would ruin Exodus's day.  Rot.  Brings every monster's Hit Points down to 1 with 100% success rate.  This spell is so badass that I had to replace Wisp (Ranger) with another Wizard.  This brought to an end the 8 minute plus fights and made it far easier to distribute experience (only rewarded to those who managed to inflict the fatal blow) among the party.  This came at a great time as the "tactical" battles were getting quite stale.

"Think they'll move down one?"

Now the Rot spell is quite pricey (70 MP) and those points can take quite awhile to regenerate so I can't use it every battle.  Or can I?  I can if I decide to become quite lame.  Which I did decide.  You see, bringing up the main menu and then cancelling it counts as a tick of time.  Encounters (at least in dungeons) only happen when you actually move into an empty square (which also means almost no fights when finding a large deposit of chests).  As long as I had enough foods to eat, we could sit there until our magic levels reached near peak.  Kinda lame, I know, but shut up.

Speaking of lame, the chests strewn about each dungeons are often filled with many gold pieces... oh, did I say often because I meant ALWAYS.  The only variation is in the number of pieces themselves.  This really dampened my impetus to seek out new treasure rooms.  Part of the motivation to exploring is the discovery of new things.

It is kinda too small to hold
much anything else.

With each of the members stamped with the four marks and each holding cards begotten from the temples of Ambrosia, our lame-empowered band of battle weary adventurers have arrived at the entrance of Exodus Castle.  Using the Silver Horn (oh ya, I got that along the way) to serenade the snake to its watery grave, we prepare for our final assault on Exodus.

I hope Exodus is tougher than his guard snake.