July 25, 2011

Ultima III - Cruel Grind Fest

Hey, Open spell, how are you?  Did you know that you work on chests and not just doors like I originally thought?  You did?  Well then why didn't you tell the rest of us?  WHY'D YOU KEEP IT A SECRET?

OPENing chests for a mere 5 MP has the party actually getting some gold gains now (and no more quad-poisoning!).  It didn't take long to get the best weapons for everyone but armour is still quite expensive.  Not that it matters.  I need as much gold as possible to raise stats from this place:

I have a feeling this is going to be expensive.

Ambrosia is the place to be for raising your stats past their initial levels.  All the temples have been found except for the Temple of Dexterity but I'm mostly interested in getting Intelligence and Wisdom up.  At 100 GP per stat point, this may take awhile (average gold per fight, regardless of difficulty, is around 60 GP).

I hear ya brah... I hear ya.

There is not going to be much exploring the depths of what classes have to offer due to the sheer grinding that must be done in order to get gold.  A few dungeons explored gave an occasional unguarded chest but nothing different from the regular chests from fights.  There was barely any even in the Cave of Gold.  Haven't explored everything yet so I'm hoping there is a cache of mountainous piles of gleaming gold hidden somewhere.  If not or if I cannot find it..... *sigh*.

The reason why RPGs should always
have double wide corridors.