Ranking System

This system is meant to evaluate the game based on the capabilities of the platform it is released on.  The historical significance of any particular game does not affect the ranking.  Most importantly, the rank numbers are not as significant as the words that summarize the game experience (numbers are just needed for the spreadsheet so that I can get off on some pie charts).  Each category is worth 20 points for a grand total out of 100.

Virtually Inconceivable Positional System (VIPS)

  • Story & World
  • Character Development
  • Combat & Monsters
  • Graphics & Sound
  • Gameplay

Although the total score is out of 100, do not assume that this system mirrors the one used in grade schooling (i.e. 50 or less is a fail).  The following shows roughly the intent of the ranking number.

67-100: Solid Gold.  A pleasant experience for any RPG fan.

34-66: Solid Silver.  Retro RPG fans will likely have a decent experience (and let's face it, if you aren't a retro RPG fan, you probably aren't reading this blog in the first place).
0-33: Solid Bronze.  Kusoge only to be undertaken by completionists and/or masochists.