The nefarious computer criminal mastermind Shen Nung had finally been cornered by the Cyber Police.  After decades of failure to apprehend Nung, the CP had caught a lucky break after a tip led them straight to his base of operations.  His underground bunker surrounded by CP drones, Nung, in a desperate gambit, uploaded his consciousness to the Internets through an experimental manchine interface.  If successful, Nung would be able to exact revenge on the world by manipulating and disrupting the Internets.

As his beloved home burned and collapsed upon itself, Nung was already spreading his essence throughout the Internets, slowly infecting the kernel.  The Cyber Police, aware of what Nung had done, feverishly worked to prevent such a catastrophe from happening.  Unable to completely eliminate him from the kernel, the CP professionals had to settle to engage his consciousness in a long series of distractions and pointless repetition.  And what better way to accomplish this than with a grueling gauntlet of the classic console RPGs.  Now trapped in this digital matrix of mayhem, Shen Nung must complete the tasks to gain his freedom or be forever held in limbo!