Game selection will be focused on turn-based games only.  Any game that has the majority of game play based on action or in real time is rejected.  Strategy games that have some RPG elements will also be included, just for kicks.  In addition to the North American releases, translated JRPGs will fill out the rest of the list.

Game order is to be chronologically.  Some release dates were not synergized very well between sites but it is accurate enough.  Further discrepancy may occur due to Japanese / North American release dates with earlier releases getting priority.

While the speedy completion of a game is important, this is to be balanced with a thorough exploration of the game world and mechanics.

Titles that have a remake of an original for a later platform will generally have preference given to the more advanced platform, using the original's release date.

Game data compilation was done with the assistance of Moby GamesGamefaqs, and various wikis.  Translations courtesy of Romhacking.