October 03, 2017

[Game 065] Castle of Ayakashi (GB - 1990)

Translation by KingMike

Games like Castle of Ayakashi are twofold in their terribleness.  First off, it's a bland, run-of-the-mill JRPG that's a tedious chore to play right off the bat.  That on its own isn't too bad, I've already played plenty of such games.  However, most of those have story elements and characters that I can rip on when it comes time to post a scathing and cathartic entry.  CoA won't even give me that.

Okay, I'm not being fair; here's part of an NPC.

It's also a dungeon crawler, which generally don't do so well in the story department.  I've played other pure crawlers that suffered in that area as well, but at least those had gameplay that was both fun to participate in and write about.  Here it's just one dude, running around a bunch of 20x20 castles, probably to rescue a princess or something.

And dying lots, let's not forget the dying.

At least I'll get a little enjoyment breaking out the graph paper and making my own ma...

Aw fiddlesticks.

Well, nuts to that!  There's no way in hell I'm going to use the in-game map, unless I get lost or feel like looking at it.  I'm just starting on the third castle, and so far it has been a case of finding a key, unlocking a door, fighting a miniboss, and onto the next castle.  It's GameBoy, so I'm hoping that its 64 KB can't possibly hold too many castles, but since there's little else other than castle, I'm probably wrong on this one.