July 14, 2016

Jubei Quest - Alien Love Secrets

Shiro and I arrive in Shimonoseki, and later Iwami, with the expected results; there's a castle/fortress where some evil is going down and some people need rescuin'.  *yawn* Before I do all that, I think I need a nap first, if I can get this icky creep to stop following me around.

Jubei has a thing for traps.

All right, so what do we have here?  A bat-themed Dark Castle in which the bat lady has mesmerized a bunch of males?  Serves them right, the chauvinist pigs.  Oh fine, I'll still go but something interesting and completely sweet better happen because I have the feeling that this chapter is just as short as the second one.  Well, it turns out that the boss of Dark Castle is Kiriko from chapter one and she's a she instead of a he like I thought, but that's okay because Kiriko mistook my gender as well.  After we both check our privilege, she tells me that Bullmatsu has gone to the continent with the Shinkage and then flees, leaving me to deal with two of her minions.  I'd completely forgotten about the Shinkage and I'm not sure why I should start caring now, so instead it's off to the Yomi Cave via a back passage in the castle.  I was told that the Yomi Cave holds an ancient vessel and I'm really hoping it's an airship or hovercraft.

Or a spaceship.  Wasn't thinking that
interstellar vessels were even on the
table but, yeah, this'll do just fine.

A green-skinned alien starts to explain about an alien love child or doll which I think protects our world or something and is powered by Cosmotrons, possibly?  Shit, I'm having problems concentrating on what this guy is saying as my puny feudal mind is still reeling from the entire concept of outer space.  At any rate, he says I can have all this stuff he's — wait!  I can't be sure that this is a male, especially since it's alien.  It could be genderless for all I know.  Gotta make sure I don't offend our alien overlords.  Rephrasing.  At any rate, he/she/it says I can have all this stuff he/she/it's got stored in these capsules, but I can't have them now.  Instead, I should come back at any time I "feel it appropriate".  I'm feeling pretty damn appropriate right now, but I don't say that because I don't want to get atomized and I don't even know what that is.  Exiting, we fly back through that weird black sky with the tiny, round clouds and are dropped off in familiar territory.  Before leaving, the spaceship itself gives me an offer that it'll come to regret in the future.

How 'bout now?  Now's good.

The nearby town is completely deserted except for some guy, I mean person!, drowning just off shore.  I send Sabansuke out to rescue that thing, which he does but then he gets eaten by a shark.  When I try to reason with the shark, all it can do is "Grrrr" at me because that's what sharks sound like.  In order to talk with the great fish, I enlist the help of Mikazuki, whose husband we rescued from Dark Castle.

Turns out the shark is a total bro.

In return, Sharky calls up more sharks and they make a bridge of sharks for us to cross to the mainland.  Bridge of Sharks would make a great band name (and it's not already taken — I checked!).  This ends chapter four, which is kinda short so I'll flesh it out with a hefty monstage.  The game started dishing out more unique "damaged" sprites for the monsters (yes!) and I've included some of them as well.  So strap in, mofos, cause it clocks in at just over two minutes!  No caption for it either — just the pure, uncut monstage sexperience.