June 23, 2016

Jubei Quest - Cause of and Solution to

Before chapter two starts in earnest, we learn that the big boss is the oddly named Dr. Main.  What kind of doctor he is, I can only speculate, but he's interested in gathering nine Cosmotrons, so I'm thinking astrophysicist.  Jubei already has one Cosmotron and I've a sneaky suspicion that he'll be finding the majority of them before Dr. Main does.  At any rate, Jubei coasts into the town of Iyo in search of said 'trons as chapter two opens.  Iyo is a town with a problem.  Seems some Dragon Acolytes have dun stole all the town's sake for some unknown, sinister purpose.  Probably something involving getting it down with their bad selves.  It's not a dirty little secret either, almost every person Jubei spoke to immediately launched into a diatribe about the frightful state of mind that is sobriety.

Sea Dragon must be the local brand of sake.

Jubei isn't sure he should even help these lushes; he's got Cosmotrons and a Dragon Orb to find.  Unfortunately, the only way to the next town, Tosa, is via a hidden passage and only Iyo's oldest resident knows its location.  He's willing to share that information in exchange for an ENTIRE BARREL of sake.  Further investigation bears fruit as Jubei discovers that the Dragon Acolytes are feeding the sake to a sea dragon.  Oh, so an actual sea dragon.  Wow, even the monsters are on the sauce here.

"Man, sea... I love ya, man.  You're the... best 
bro...  ever...  zzz... What?  Stay away from my wife."

Jubei also finds out that the Dragon Orb is held by Lady Otohime, who lives in the underwater Ryugu Palace with her daughter, Ryumi.  But first, he's got to beat down some Acolytes and get Ito's sake back.  He does this with ease and also manages to get a Cosmotron as well.  Within seconds of Jubei's return to Iyo, the barrel is tapped as the entire town gets shitfaced.  True to his word, the old man divulges the location of the passage to Tosa, conveniently located right in town.  After upgrading some equipment, Jubei stops by a hut and picks up his latest helper companion, a turtle named Sabansuke who can swim around and search water tiles for treasures and such.  Saban comes in useful right away by discovering the passage down to Ryugu Palace, which then leads into the sea dragon.  One would think that this would be pretty gross, but it turns out the sea dragon is actually mechanical and is being powered by the sake.  The forward-thinking Dragon Acolytes actually have a pretty boss setup here in the sea dragon.  It's roomy, full of stuff just lying there for the taking, and the ambient temperature is a slightly risqué 18°.  Jubei briefly considers switching careers and throwing in his lot with these obviously solid bros, but in the end decides against it.

Now if you can make it into some kind of
airship or hovercraft, then we can talk.

Jubei beats up all involved, shuts down the sweet dragon with regret, and rescues Ryumi.  Unfortunately, Lady Otohime dies due to too many sake bombs and Ryumi starts a tirade about revenge that is so hot that I can't help but get a little moist in my panties I MEAN PANTS... yes, definitely pants.

Shut up, you had me at avenge.

So, aw yeah, Jubei gets his first battle companion.  She's way underpowered compared to Jubei, but hopefully a few levels will change that, if she can manage to not die every few fights.

Dammit, Ryumi, this is no way to get the avenge.

Ryumi has the Dragon Orb, so it's off to chuck it in the sea to get rid of the whirlpools that are plaguing Aki Town, and then it's off to... chapter 3?  Wow, that was quick.  It only took an hour to complete chapter two, though it's not entirely the game's fault.  If I hadn't got stuck finding the secret entrance in chapter one, I would have probably had all the Shiro content show up here.  Oh well, it's the quality and not the quantity, right guys?... uh, guys?