February 02, 2016

Oni Chronicles - Ranking

Story & World

I'm having a hard time finding my jar of Story & World rank points, but I did manage to find a few between the couch cushions.  Not that I'm going to give them to Oni Chronicles, mind you, but I do need at least some words under each heading, so there you are.  The story is hardly worth paying attention to, but we've seen our fair share of blandness since starting the Inconsolable voyage.  The world, however, stands out as being the most disjointed setting yet.  Not only is each area very linear with the same crap in every location (seems like every cave has an old hermit living in it), but each area is completely removed from one another.  This does not make the world seem like a world at all, but rather a collection of short modules to go through one at a time.  Something as simple as actually showing a boat going from one location to another would have done wonders to tie the regions together.  1/20

Character Development

Predictably, there is no input as to how the character advances.  Level gains see a standard progression of three stats (Attack, Defense, and Speed) with skills being acquired at regular intervals.  Most of the skills just do damage but there are a couple of status ailments as well (paralysis, weakness) which came in handy.  Weapons and armour, of which there are five slots available, have no special abilities and more expensive is always better.  There was one instance where I found a powerful cursed sword, removed the curse at a town, and then used it for most of the midgame.  As mentioned in the posts, transforming into the oni form didn't accomplish much other than looking different, though there were a few occasions where it's non-combative abilities were needed to progress the story.  3/20

Combat & Monsters

Most combats are your basic hack n' slash affair with skills being used sometimes during boss battles.  As per usual, the healing skills are used the most and are the best bang for your buck, as the main weapon generally does a decent amount of damage when compared with skills, plus it also has a chance for a critical strike.  Monsters overwhelmingly just do damage, though some have the ability to poison (easily cured via item or healing skill).  Honestly, the best part of combat was when creatures or me would yell out "Eat this!" or "RROARRR!".  4/20

Graphics & Sound

I complained about the reusing of monster sprites early in the game, but this got better during the later parts.  At the very least, identical sprites were spread out better and didn't overlap so much.  The glaring exception to this was with the final boss, whose reuse of a regular creature's sprite still confounds me days later.  Stranger still, the minor bosses in the final dungeon all had their own unique sprite.  The sprites themselves are well done; most are nice and big and stand out well against the background of absolutely nothing.  As for the music, I just verified and discovered that yes, there is indeed music.  7/20


All I've got to say is thank goodness for short games who know exactly what they are.  There's nothing particularily here to keep things interesting; it's a mediocre morsel of meh.  At least the economy didn't break until the acceptable late game; I always had my eye on the latest in ninja garb technology.  Oh, there was one interesting detail in that the inn charged 5 ryo in order to save the game.  Yes, that's the most interesting thing about this game.  5/20

Final Ranking:  20/100