January 28, 2016

Oni Chronicles - End Game

Luck is one of those stats that usually does it work hidden to the naked eye, content to weave its threads in isolation and solitude.  I've always considered myself a lucky manchine, but I've never been sure of how high that number is.  My 18's in intelligence and charisma are self-evident, as everyone always tells me within seconds of meeting me, but luck is a little harder to peg down.  It's got to be up there, though, or I'd never have made it through Oni Chronicles.  So, I couldn't get beyond that stinkin' rock and had to take a rage break.  I was still in an Inconsolable mood, though, so I read some older posts (well, not some, more like a lot (I was quite rage-y)), when I fortuitously happened upon my second post for Destiny of an Emperor.  I got stuck in that game as well at a dialogue box, where I had to wait 5 seconds without pressing a button.  *bing*  Well, shit, that rock has a dialogue box that always ends with a "Nothing happened.".  I thought it was because I didn't have whatever item I needed but really it was waiting for me to enter the dance sequence I learnt at the village.  I was led to believe that it was the turtle hermit who would enjoyed that dance, not his pet rock.  Well, maybe the hermit had a scrying device of some kind and was watching my flawless and irresistibly hot dance from the safety of an interior cave (probably jerkin' off too, the perv).

But please tie your robe up first, good sir, I implore you!

Sighing relief at finally getting past that area, I was rewarded with more of the same stuff I complained about in the first post.  Nothing much interesting really happened the rest of the time.  The game certainly tried to add some flavours but failed miserably every time.  I briefly met my sister who was in love with one of the oni I was beating on and I think she married him or something.  I learnt the identity of the fearsome end boss right near the end of the game but can't recall her motives for evil at all.  The weakness of this soup stock of a game really hit home when I opened my notes binder and saw exactly three entries.  Now, entries can be anything from clues or directions to a comment on a game mechanic to just something to talk about/make fun of.  For contrast, a game like Megami Tensei II had almost three pages full.  So, I'm going to put as much effort in my end post as OC:G put into itself.  Consider half the content to be wrapped up in this sweet monstage.

The word monstage patent pending.

The oni form that I could transform into didn't amount to much.  All it had was special attacks that used AP points instead of SP points, effectively just expanding my magic pool.  There were a few instances where the oni attacks did more damage than its normal form counterparts, but not enough to be a big deal.  The final dungeon was much longer than any previous but was still a snap to get through due to the ease of gaining levels whilst plumbing its depths.  Every level attained refreshes HP, SP, and AP to full and I didn't even need to use any items before reaching Dakki.  Oh right, that's what her name was, the great and fearsome Dakki, whose plan to do something or rather was about to ruined by the mighty Shenmaru!

Aaaaand she uses the same sprite as one
of the random monsters.  Just lovely.

Since the game had been so cake up to this point, I strode confidently into combat only to be given a harsh lesson in Dakkionomics.  She trounced me something good, so next time I opted to gain a few levels before attempting her again.  I did this all in her presence, mind you, and I respected her confidence and poise as I slaughtered piles upon piles of her minions while she didn't flinched even once.

And I twerked her like I had
never done twarked before.

She fell this time, said her piece about eventually coming back, then died and a short epilogue later I was all done.  The total time I spent on this game was only about seven hours, but I feel like it overstayed its welcome by about seven hours.

Shut it, Saizo, the brevity is all
this game has going for it.

At least the ending screen is pretty sweet... sike, sike, super sike!