January 04, 2016

Dragon Ball Z - End Game

Keeping each team of two Z Fighters the same as the show ended up being tactically unsound a bit.  I neglected to mention the purpose of the symbols in the middle of each card.  One of the symbols (that looks like an X with the three dots) is used to execute the special ki attacks of each fighter.  The rest of the symbols come into play when they match up with the symbol of each character, giving the combatant a boost to their attack.  Well, wouldn't cha know it, each team I made shared the same symbol between the two fighters.  That's okay, though, it's only a small boost and I'd rather have the original teams together, because it pleases me to do so.  Anyway, after Goku completed Snake Way (it actually didn't take that long) and began his training with King Kai, the rest of the Z Fighters finished their respective missions and retrieved a dragon ball.  The last dragon ball was being held by Garlic Jr. and required all the heroes to team up together.  They were all grouped together under Piccolo's icon, so there was no need to worry about keeping them close together.  At first, I was totally pumped for some massive skirmishes with all my boyz getting in on the action.

Leeeeeet's get ready to rummmbbblllleee!!!

Unfortunately, having five cards meant only five attackers per round.  That isn't so bad, but what is is being forced to use all five cards in every battle.  Gone is the strategy of keeping badass cards for the tougher encounters or balancing movement rate versus attack power.  Even worse, ki cards have to be used, wasting BE on enemies who don't need it.  The option to use less than five fighters would have been nice.  Running was always an option, but, come on, no Z Fighter worth his merit is going to flee from any peon.  Eventually, the sextet made their way to Garlic Jr., where they unleashed all their most powerful attacks, relying heavily on the Oolong card, which refreshes the current set of cards with five new ones (looking for dem ki attacks).  Predictably, Garlic Jr. wasn't about to give up his dragon ball easily and powered up for battle.

Couple of Makanko Sappos will put out that fire.

Garlic Jr. fell fairly easily, but before Piccolo could get his hands on the last dragon ball, Garlic Jr. showed us his final form, Super Garlic Jr.!  I knew this was coming however, and instructed Pickles to hit 'em in his weak spot.

Well, the same weak spot all males have.
Whatever, I'm a tactial genius, shut up.

Back at King Kai's, Goku finalized his training and waited for his friends on Earth to get all the dragon balls together and summon the serpent we all know and love — that wizard lizard that makes wishes his bitches — Shenlong!

Err, I mean Shenron!  Whatever, as long
as there's a Shen in there, shut up.

Goku was now joined with his buddies, bringing with him an impressive 9000+ BP, far outstripping anyone else in the group.  This game isn't called Assault of the Saiyans for nothing, and the final confrontation with Nappa and Vegeta was close on hand.  I was super pumped to get at Vegeta since I had a tail card that was given to me by Gohan's mother, Chi-Chi.

Oh, Chi-Chi, how many late night fap
sessions did you fuel back in the day?

The tail card would allow me to transform Gohan into his Great Ape form, bumping his BP significantly, enabling him to take on Vegeta, just like in the series.  It didn't work though, as (I discovered later) I also needed a moon card in order to activate it.  Instead, I had to rely on Goku to dish out most of the damage.

Yeah, this x4 Kaioken Kamehameha
is pretty tough... I guess.

Surprisingly, the real star of the show for any of these major encounters was not Goku, Gohan, or even Piccolo.  No, it was that little alabaster bastard, Chiaotzu; weakest of all the Z Fighters and only having two ki abilities.  One of those ki attacks, however, was Psychic Attack, which stuns the opponent for a few rounds without fail.  Vegeta managed to get one or two attacks in between stuns but spent the better part of the battle just sitting there, taking his lumps.  I don't want to marginalize the other bros though, so here's a montage of everyone getting their licks in.

HNNNG, DBZ fanboy overload!

With Vegeta beaten and fleeing back into space, King Kai congratulated the Z Fighters on a victory well earned and gave me a password for each character.  At first, I completely creamed my panties thinking that I'd be able to carry them over to the next game but, nope, they're just used for a tournament mode the game has.  Since the game has a regular save function, the passwords seem unnecessary but I suppose it was so you could take your characters over to a friend's house.  Although the Z Fighters are quite pleased with their triumph, they collectively have a foreboding feeling of a terrible danger that still lurks in the vast unknown of space.  Hmmm... I wonder who it could possibly be?