December 07, 2015

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II - Ranking

Story & World

A welcome expansion from the first game, with a devastated, yet beautiful, overworld in which to wander in addition to a multitude of traditional dungeons.  The story was better as well; I really liked the progression from playing a video game to dealing with the Pazuzu/Bael feud to facepunching God.  The Gumdrop/Gob dynamic was interesting as well, even if I had already made my decision who I preferred before starting the game.  The rest of the more minor aspects are similar to MTI.  14/20

Character Development

Same as MTI, except more slots available for weapons and armour as well as greater equipment variety overall.  I'm also throwing a few points here due to the improved fusion system.  17/20

Combat & Monsters

Same as MTI.  10/20

Graphics & Sound

Same as MTI, except the overworld graphics add another layer of gorgeous onto an already beautiful game.  The Demon World was particularly stunning, heavy with cycling animations representing fire, mists, etc.  18/20


Same as MTI, except for a slightly stronger late game economy, due to many expensive equipment options.  16/20

Final Ranking:  75/100