January 23, 2014

[Game 043] Sansara Naga (NES - 1990)

Translation by aishsha

Prosaic title screen aside, I was quite pumped up to give this one a go as soon as I found out that it had a monster breeding element to it (dragons, in this case).  I've been known to ranch some monsters in my day and am keen to see how this early example of the genre stacks up.  The opening story is short and sweet; I'm a brat who steals a dragon egg from my own village and buggers off with it.

I'm such a little scamp (and kinda dumb as well).

With angry villagers hot on my heels, I follow a fully grown ostrich for some reason to a dilapidated house where a crazed old man implores me to embark on a fetch quest for him.  He wants me to travel to a large tree on the western peninsula to find a special item for him.

What's brown and sounds like a bell?

Of course, I am attacked while en route but since I'm weaponless and armourless, I'm going to flee from all these battles.  If I'm fleet of foot enough to be able to outrun furious villagers, I think I can handle these freaks of nature:

Oh man, Sansara, you've already earned
yourself several points for monster design.

Finding the tree is easy enough but there is no poop on the ground so I guess I have to climb the tree.  I don't climb up it so much as climb through it; its trunk is hollow as well as most of its limbs.  There are no monsters here and I'm just crawling around and exhausting all the possible options.  Ah, here's a pile up near the top.

Why, oh why, didn't I bring a baggie?

I also found a rusted sword and armour so now I feel slightly more confident about tackling me some foes.  On the way back, I beat down some daphnia (the freaks pictured above) but don't get any gold or experience.  No gold, I can see, but no experience?  What's your game, game?  At any rate, the coprophiliac is quite happy to receive his turds and he claims that it makes great medicine (sure, buddy, sure).  He rewards me with a real dragon egg and, as a bonus, I also get a real title screen.

Mmm-hmm.  That's more like it.

I'm so excited that I run back to my village to show my grandma my fantastic dragon egg but she is more interested in drawing me a warm bath and putting me to bed.  Darn grandma!  The next day, she gives me a boxed lunch and sends me on my way.  I try to talk to one of the other villagers but they are still upset about yesterday and proceed to beat the snot out of me until I have but only a single hit point left.  Darn villagers!  Just for that I'm not going to show 'em my egg at all.  I get another bath, sleep, and boxed lunch from Grams and then leave this stupid place to find a place to incubate my egg.  Peace out, losers!  But where to go?  Hrmm... the scat man mentioned something about following the nearby river to a hostel where a man wants to chat with me.  Maybe he'll know where I can hatch this egg!  I'll just keep running from all these fights since this rusty armour is ass and I'm still getting hurt pretty bad.  The man at the hostel is quite nice and he tells me about how I should become a dragon-taming Dragoon.  Sounds good but I don't even have a dragon yet!  Leaving the hostel, I continue to follow the river until I come upon the capital city of Hoverpool.  This place is huge!  There are so many shops and I get constantly accosted by marketers.

Thanks, but I'm more of a Red Rain© man.

There's a dragon nursery here but they said they needed a hatched dragon and not just the egg.  Shucks!  I guess there must be an incubator in another village or sumthin'.  I'm searching and searching but can't find another town in this huge world.  I can't run from everything all the time so I'm dying lots as well which means I lose half my rupees and start back at grandma's place.  I'm going to buy some stuff before I lose all my cash money.  This leather shield looks nice but I don't think I have enough rupees... oh, you'll still give it to me?  Thanks, nice shopkeep!  Well, time for more wandering.  La la la, death, la la la , death, la la la, death.  Okay, grandma, I have a good feeling about today... oh hello, mister man, what do you want with me?  Huh?  You're with Nico Loans and you've come to collect on an overdue payment?  WTF you talkin' bout?  I never agreed to or signed anything nor do I even have enough money... ow!  ow!  ohmygod!  Not my kneecaps!  Why is this happening!?  I'm too young to understand commerce!  I guess in order to pay off this strange debt concept, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and sell off some Snapper Scales.  I owe about 800 rupees but the weird thing is that, at their main branch in Hoverpool, they only allow payments in increments of a thousand.  Oh well, I'm sure they will adjust the amount or give me a credit or something.

Or the entire system will just completely break down.

I don't even know how to begin paying off a loan of (blob)11635 rupees, so I'm pretty sure Nico Loans is one shady business.  My only choice is to restart my life all over again.  I'll do everything the same except this time I'll keep better tabs on my available funds.  Well, almost the same.  Before the loan fiasco happened, I discovered that I could make money by selling off the corpses of the few enemies I did slay.  So this time, I'll fight more often and... wha wha wha?!  My dragon egg!  It's hatching!  Golly gee, I didn't need to incubate it after all!  I just needed to not be a pussy!

OMG!  So kawaii~♥!

Awww, but she's too little to fight just yet so I'm going to drop her off at the nursery in Hoverpool.  I can buy all kinds of stuff for her (not that I can afford it just yet), like toys, equipment, and delicious foods.  I can also — get this — feed her the corpses I've been collecting instead of selling them.  LOL!  It's completely awesome and disgusting at the same time.  Whenever I stay at the inn, they also give me a nice report on her progress.

Even at just 5cm, she can pack away 15 daphnia
in a single meal.  Who's my big girl?

The matron at the nursery is super nice and keeps giving helpful tips, mostly consisting of stuffing Amai's face with various things in order to make her happy, stave off disease, etc.  I guess I'll have to sell off some corpses in order to get better gear for myself but most of them are going to go to the little love of my life.  Along the way, I'll hopefully learn more about how to become a Dragoon as well.