November 19, 2013

Mouryou Senki Madara - End Game

The oceanic voyage ended up being a great time.  With no sailing experience under his belt, Madara wasted no time in getting lost but that didn't really matter since there were no random encounters while on the high seas.  Eventually, a new area was found and the party could finally continue their adventure.  After completing a fetch quest for the chief of Doudan Village, he suggested a cunning and devious plan to get rid of Emperor Miroku.  Why not just take the time machine located in Miroku's ruined castle that happens to be nearby, go back in time, and kill Miroku before he can become powerful?  I'd say take this plan one step further and kill him as a baby or kill his mother but I guess I'm not very heroic like that.  Once the time machine was found within the ruins, Madara and pals were transported back to a time when the castle wasn't so run down.

Look boy, now I'm in the past, now I'm in the future.
Past, future, past, future, past, future...

Unfortunately, the time-travelling assassins picked a bad time to attempt their plan as Miroku wasn't home.  Shrugging their collective shoulders, the group made their way back to present time and reported their failure to the chief of Doudan.  That's okay, though, because the chief has an alternative plan which involves Madara going to the Capital of the Heavens and defeating Miroku there.  The path to the Capital was back through Banto Castle which previously was inaccessible due to a magical barrier but luckily the Doudan chief had just the item to defeat said barrier.  On the way there, the party also picked up the Shadow Pot from Mount Shumi which will be used to seal away all the moki generals for good.  En route through Banto Castle, the gang happened upon Kageo Madara and that lil' bastard Jato getting into an argument which resulted in Kageo straight up firing Jato's annoying little ass.

Hey, Kageo's not so bad after all.

Kageo then egged on Madara to come to Fort Egon where the revived eight moki generals are waiting for him.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Madara finished getting through Banto Castle and sailed across a large lake to the town of Koshi.  The townsfolk told Madara that the Capital of the Heavens lay beyond Fort Egon, which itself was just to the south.  It should come to no surprise that all eight of the generals were easily beaten and sealed away into the Shadow Pot (at least I got to see all those sweet animated intros again).  A tougher fight came in the form of a final confrontation with Kageo but, he too, was sealed away within the Pot.  The Dark Kusanagi he held fused with the Light Kusanagi that Madara had to make the powerful Seiken Kusanagi; just the thing needed to dispatch Emperor Miroku with.  Sneaking through the sewers of the Capital and Madara finally, FINALLY catches up with Emperor Miroku in his throne room.

Luckily none of his Red Guards there helped him out.

Decked out in royal purple, the gigantic Emperor loomed imposingly over Madara, his large cape clasp gleaming in the... hey, hold up a sec, that ain't no cape clasp.

Meh, when you've encountered a moki with
mouths for shoulders and hands, the ol'
chest maw just doesn't seem as scary.

Defeating Miroku didn't mean the tale stopped here as trying to seal him away ended up breaking the Shadow Pot and releasing the spirits of all the moki generals.  Miroku was also good as new but instead of another fight, he just left, allowing Madara and company to head back to the nearest town.  It's there that they found out that the spirits had fused and resulted in the moki queen being reborn.  Apparently, she's dwelling on the inauspicious Wicked Star which was in space but on a collision course with Earth.  No problamo, a spaceship on top of Mount Shumi was available to take the entire party to the Star (which wasn't a star at all).

Spelljammin' their way to the Red Planet.

Everything had flowed smoothly up to this point but the queen was too tough for Madara and friends.  She just spammed a group-damaging spell that blasted through Goriki most of the time.  Kirin couldn't keep up with healing and the only Soma that was of any use was the white one (revive from death with full HP).  The party only had one white Soma which wasn't near enough.  Just like the fiasco with status ailment Somas previously, again I had to go way, way back to find a place that sold white Somas.  These massive backtracks are completely my fault as I've stuck with spellcasting fighters in my optional party slots instead of a full-fledged mage (called Inishe in the game).  Inishe gets access to not only a warp spell but a general ailment-curing spell as well.  At any rate, after their backtracking quest, the party were prepared with no less than eight white Somas on hand, and they finally had their chance to eliminate the vile moki queen.

I'm pretty sure you don't need those
double D's if you're laying eggs.

Madara and his companions burnt through most of the white Somas but were eventually rewarded with the death throes of the biologically confused queen.  The Wicked Star then dun did blowed up after Madara released his chakra to prevent the planet from smashing into Earth.  Somehow the entire group made it back to their home planet and the game ended with everyone gathered around an unconscious Madara who woke up just in time for a happy ending.