August 23, 2013

Wizardry III - Ranking

Story & World

Wizardry continues its trend of a bare bones story except this time I had no idea what the end goal was until the latter portion of the game.  There were quite a few more NPCs hanging out in the dungeon but they were service-oriented rather than dialogue.  For example, there's an Abdul's Taxi Service which offers a ride back to the castle for a hefty fee.  However, most NPCs generally served as kiosks for exchanging quest items.  3/20

Character Development

Same as Wiz 115/20

Combat & Monsters

Same as Wiz 1.  14/20

Graphics & Sound

Same as Wiz 1.  15/20


Just like the other Wizardrys, gold isn't hard to come by after the party starts selling off excess magical weapons and armour.  Bank manager ShenNung had over a million golds by the end of the game and not a single thing to invest in.

The alignment-restricted levels are the biggest change in gameplay and quite a positive one at that (regardless of how nonsensical it is).  I sorta wish this mechanic was used in the first game when I had a nice selection of good and evil characters but it still worked out alright with just neutral ones.  15/20

Final Ranking:  62/100