August 03, 2013

[Game 039] Wizardry III (NES - 1990) (SNES Remake)

Translation by Aeon Genesis

And so the trilogy of terror starts to come to a close with this, the final chapter of the Wizardry saga.  This is my favourite series of games so far for both the palpable tension it generates as well as the hand-mapping it requires.  The tension, of course, rises from the difficulty that Wizardry is renown for and the beginning of the Legacy of Llylgamyn follows the trail blazed by its predecessors.

Result of the first two battles.

Resurrecting a level one character at the Temple of Cant costs 250 gold, which is beyond the party's means at this point.  With all the money they've received via resurrects from the previous two games, you'd think that they would just do a brother a solid and give a freebie, but no.


To make matters worse, when some of the other characters reached second level, all they gained was a single hit point.  That wasn't going to help their mortality rate so I decided to do a little early grinding to buff them up a bit.  Besides, I wanted to get the cleric high enough to be able to cast the Lomilwa (permanent light) spell.  I don't bother with the initially available Milwa (temporary light) spell because it would waste slots better used for precious Dios (healing) spells.  This was all for the sake of taking brighter screenshots instead of the murky ones that plagued the initial postings of the two previous games.

So now we can clearly see...
whatever the hell this thing is.

A few additional levels fixed the hit point problem.  It seems like the first level gained almost always gives a single point but it'll make up for it with a humongous increase by level four.

Riding the wave of massive gains.

Things got very smooth after everyone received their first HP boost (except for Higgins, but I'm mostly concerned with the fighters).  The fighters are performing very well in combat and Tetravus has an outstanding success rate of disarming traps.  This is, I'm sure, greatly due to the high attributes every character has.  Most have been through the first two games and had exceptional stats to begin with; a couple levels under their belt and a character's prime attributes are maxed.  Tetravus in particular stands out with impressive 18's right across the board.

Course, he's a gnome, so it's only to
be expected, because gnomes rule.

Just like Deep Dungeon II, this edition of Wizardry switches the traditional dungeon descent to an upward ascent.  Initially, I wasn't quite sure what the party was climbing up, though; there's a lake with an island found right near the entrance which led me to believe that this takes place outside.

Either that or the dungeon ceiling
is way, way higher than it appears.

The first level also has a fortress which is surrounded by a moat.  The whole thing takes up about a third of the map and the two ladders leading up are located within it.  These ladders don't lead to their corresponding grid coordinates on the next level so I'm guessing that the upper levels all take place within the fortress and that the map is just scaled up.  The moat always has to be navigated in order to get to the ladders and its guaranteed that there will be encounters with the dreaded moat monsters.

One part sea serpent, one part
chicken — ALL TERROR.

The moat monsters are easily some of the tougher creatures on the first level and made it very tough to get to the fortress gates and still have a reasonable amount of healing left.  At least it did until I did the aforementioned grind.  Then it was cake.  In fact, there hasn't been a single death since the grind.  I know, I know, I just jinxed myself.  I've got most of the second and third dungeon levels done but I'm anticipating that Wizardry will start shafting me pretty soon.  Since Wiz doesn't have a whole lot of variation in the visuals department, here's a compilation of some of the foes it has to offer.

I ground that Lomilwa spell
for a reason, dammit!