July 04, 2013

[Game 038] Deep Dungeon II: The Hero's Crest (FDS - 1987)

Translation by KingMike & snark

Unsurprisingly, the Deep Dungeon formula remains pretty much intact for this sequel.  Even though I ranked the previous game quite low, I appreciate it when a series stays true to the spirit and concepts of its predecessors while still giving enough slight tweaks here and there to keep things interesting.  Monster depictions are the first noticeable improvement in DDII; I spent far less time retching than the first time.

Just look at this swell Gel... well, look at it!

The setting is also different in that, in addition to the titular dungeon, there is also a castle and some towers available to be explored.  Functionally, it still just looks like one big dungeon but I suppose the maps do look tower-ful.  The prologue was one page long and I've already forgotten what it is about; I think I'm a descendant of the Shen from the first Deep Dungeon.  One change I noticed right away was that I could no longer use the B button to cancel my way out of menus; I was forced to scroll to the menu bottom and exit from there.  A major improvement came in the form of not only increasing the number of character stats but allowing the player to spend a few points every level in a stat of their choosing.

Two points is still better than no points.

I've been dumping most of my points into Agility with a few left over for Luck (about a 75/25 split).  Weapons and armour increase AP and AC, so I haven't bothered putting any points in those yet.  So far, this strategy has worked well as foes miss with their attacks the majority of the time.

You know, Shen, you don't have to dodge
ALL of the time. (hubba hubba)

Not only are the regenerating chests from the original present here but foes also drop items with an alarming frequency on certain levels.  I hadn't even fully explored the second level of a single tower before having enough loot to fund the purchase of the best of everything in the town shop.  It would have taken forever to buy anything if I had to rely just on chest drops.

Did this really necessitate using a chest?

Acquiring the town's best equipment isn't as great as it seems as most pieces ended up being quickly replaced with found items.  Perhaps there will be another shop where I can spend all my stash at.

K, I'm going to have to stop here or I'll likely have nothing to talk about in the End Game post.