July 14, 2013

Deep Dungeon II - End Game

Though most of the slight changes made from DDI to DDII are improvements, there are some that I consider to be more of a hindrance.  As I delved into the deepest layers of the dungeon, the high frequency of the random encounters got more and more tiresome.  In the first Deep Dungeon, I lauded its low encounter rate as it allowed me to explore quite freely (even though I complained that there wasn't much to find while exploring).  Here, the fights come much quicker, often with a random monster popping up immediately after dealing with a static encounter.  Since combat itself is so boring and repetitious, this can get quite annoying.

Though I do like how this Mage is
totally air guitaring his magic staff.

Thankfully, after I reach a certain experience level, random encounters cease to pop up for a specific dungeon level.  It really only got annoying on the bottom floor, where the randoms are always on.  Strangely enough, I reached the bottom floor of the dungeon without having fully explored the upper castle levels.  I had been tipped off by a friendly NPC who told me that I needed six items to get to the demon king.  I didn't have most of the items but decided to map out the level while I was down here anyway.  Imagine my shock when I stumbled across the demon king's unlocked room.

Even more shocking was how incredibly
easy it was to beat this puss.

As I rained blows into the demon king's face while he continued to miss me, I started to surmise that this wasn't going to be the final boss.  My detective skills proved to be correct as I soon found the real boss in another room.  It was none other than Ruu, the villain from the first Deep Dungeon!

Who hasn't bothered to even change his
clothes during the last few decades.

Though I found it strange that I was here beating up the final boss without having the majority of items that I was suppose to have, I thought nothing of it.  He put up more of a fight but, in the end, he just couldn't handle so much Shen.  With his death, I warped back to town only to be greeted by the greatest victory screen fakeout ever.

I must have missed about three somethings.

After restoring and checking my maps, I found a door that I had previously marked as locked now unlocked, although I did not have a key.  I had an "A-ha!" moment as I realized that it probably opened up after I defeated a mini-boss rather than requiring an item to open it.

Like this guy, who I defeated ages ago.

Well, this opened up all the castle levels which were now incredibly easy thanks to all the levels I had gained while in the dungeon.  Eventually, I got all the required items and made my way back down to the bottom dungeon level.  I got stuck here as I just could not find the correct route to the true final boss.  There's a few spots where there's a hidden warp but these just led to the areas where the fake final bosses were.  I had to backtrace it to the previous levels and try to find a way to pit drop down to where I needed to go.  Battles at this point were completely pointless as I had already reached the maximum level of 20.  Thanks to my super high agility, I rarely took damage from any encounter and reached the Dark Emperor in peak condition for final boss battering.

He might have been tougher if only he
had used his Force Lightning attack.

The ending scene (for reals this time) was revealed but still decided to leave things open for the inevitable sequel.  In any event, this ending was a lot more satisfying than the fakeout one.

See, the font colour is tan, which
makes it way more epic.

And so we bid adieu to the FDS, which may be a good thing considering the overall quality of these two games.