June 16, 2013

Dragon Quest IV - End Game

My fear of becoming a greasy Shen-stain is unfounded as I hit the ground with all the grace and finesse of a ballerina unicorn princess.  The journey down to the underworld is not frightful at all; in fact, I dare say that it is even pleasant.  Sure, there are plenty of monsters assaulting us at every turn but with three Miracle Swords from the Small Medal King and Metal Babble Armours for all those that can equip it, I'm having quite the jolly time over here.  Upon reaching Underworld Hell itself, there's a Zenithian who has set up a last refuge for the others and I to conveniently heal at.  He also informs me that before entering Necrosaro's castle, I'll have to break down four magical barriers.

The mysterious force of game padding.

The four barriers are just small castles with a minor boss in it.  None of them are very difficult but then again, all the main players in the party are at level 40 and kicking all kinds of ass.  With the barriers down, I get my first good look at the architectural considerations that Necrosaro must have made whilst constructing his fortress.

I'd lease it.

The Necropalace has, in addition to the regular bevy of monstrous monstrosities, a few simple movement-based puzzles to figure out.  It's nice to see that N-saro has an intellectual side to him as well (however slight).  Exiting out the castle's back door finds me at the base of a mountain which is a shorter climb that I expected.  At the top is the big man himself, just chillaxin' in his throne.

You just wait there while we heal, restore MP,
equip weapons, swap items around, etc.

After we hash out our tactics via football huddle, we engage the Final Boss with an all-out offensive from our bestest and brightest melee fighters.  It's going swimmingly and, once again, Taloon shows everyone up by being the muthafuckin' man.

Big brass ones on this guy, I tells ya.

Unfortunately, I'm the only one with healing abilities.  Alena and Taloon both have items that heal but they choose not to use them at all.  We get defeated but manage to get Necrosaro to his final form.  Just as all seems lost, the remaining crew jump out of the wagon to avenge us!  Too bad the spellcasting nosebleeds fare much, much worse.  Moron Cristo tries multiple times to cast Beat (instant death) on the End Boss which, of course, WILL NEVER WORK.  Necro also has a Bounce spell in effect which reflects back offensive spells, meaning Mara and Brey end up hurting themselves more often than not.  A few rounds later and it's the first full party death of the entire game.  Well played, Necrosaro... well played.  The next attempt goes much better as I realize that I'm allowed to swap one member out for another once per round.

Round 2... FIGHT!

In classic style, as soon as Necrosaro dies, the entire mountain range begins to collapse.  Master Dragon swoops in to save the day and takes us all back to Zenithian to kick off the end credits.  Also in classic style, I return all my teammates to their respective hometowns, in all their celebratory goodness.  I then return to my own hometown and somehow resurrect what has to be my girlfriend and end things with a big ol' hug.  A touching end to a truly epic tale.