May 21, 2013

Dragon Quest IV - Taloonie Bin

After about a week's worth of fighting monsters and looting their treasure chests for resale, Taloon and Neta are raking in the big bucks (around 20K).  Taloon has kept Strom and Laurent on the payroll, as they are quite cheap to keep around.  With the Emporium doing so well, Taloon is on the lookout for the next big investment opportunity.  He finds it through an old man who started an excavation project to connect Endor to Branca.  The silver-tongued old man convinces Taloon to finance this endeavour with promises of great treasures on the other side.

Yes, money, I'd like to money all that money.

Taloon needs another 40Kand quickbefore some other merchant beats him to it.  Master Economist Taloon devises a simple, yet daring, plan in order to increase his coffers in a relatively short time.  Since they've been open for business, Neta has proven to be an extraordinary saleswoman.  Even with items marked up 50% more than regular retail prices, items rarely stay on the shelf for more than a few days.  Knowing this, Taloon simply purchases the most expensive item from the weapon shop across the road and slaps his own price sticker overtop the existing one.

Game the system, Tee.

Okay, so even though this is a great plan, it is also an incredibly boring one, so Taloon only does it once before going back into the great outdoors where there is a little more excitement (and experience points).  Eventually he gathers enough GP to get the project started.  While the diggers dig, Taloon learns that Endor's casino has reopened and this would be the perfect way to kill some time plus maybe get a metal babble shield.  The casino personnel apparently mistake Taloon for Alena as he has access to what is left in her account (a couple thousand).  Without bothering to correct them, Taloon swiftly takes all the coins over the poker table and plans to work the shit out of the pattren (which he shouldn't know about, but fuck it, I'm going to meta it).  Unfortunately, the pattren seems to be character specific as it totally doesn't work here and Taloon loses the entire stack.  Oh well, at least the tunnel is done now.  Taloon heads home to bid farewell to Neta, who is completely understanding that her man must chase his dream; his dream to supply every man, woman, and child with lethal weapons.

Taloon, you are one lucky bastard.
If you ever break her heart, I'm
deleting your save file.