April 04, 2013

Pool of Radiance - Great Balls of Fire

Just like a clucker with a crack pipe, I'm having a hard time resisting blazing this shit up.  Just when combats were starting to get a little, teensy-tiny bit stale, the fireballs sizzled their way in and cranked up the spice by several million Scoville units.  Temujin was the first to be able to master his passion and summon up the balls of a hundred fire giants.  With his single casting of fireball, we were able to take on monsters that were previously too difficult.  This meant a large increase in the XP we were getting from random encounters (much welcomed by our group of multiclassers).

Break out the chipotle steak sauce!

Vast throngs of creatures fell before our mighty tri-cannon of blazing fury.  Pinpoint accuracy ensured that even when embroiled in melee, none of the flamage ever reached us.

I like how Zeelus is confident enough to keep
his back turned on the kobold swarm.

The only bad thing about fireball, as you can see, is that it's:
  1. Purple
  2. Not a ball.
The Klingon Empire symbol there is the icon used for any magic attack that takes form as a missile.  While I'm willing to forgive such a lazy design choice in theory, why wouldn't the default choice look like a fireball?  I mean, anyone who has played PoR knows that once fireballs are available, it's the spell that's going to be displayed 99.9% of the time.  At least make it red, dammit!

At least there's no performance issues.

So yeah, I'm barrelling on through all these quests but wanted to give a short update before reaching endgame.  As long as we don't come across any fire-immune creatures, we should be just fine; at the time of this posting, we have a maximum of five fireballs locked, loaded, and ready to unleash hell on Faerûn.