December 12, 2012

Phantasy Star II - Long Distance Runaround

All of our wandering didn't amount to finding Climatrol but rather a large garbage disposal facility inhabited by native Motavians.  They apparently love sifting through garbage and making little gizmos and crafts.  Blessing their child-like innocence and wonder, we continued to look condescendingly down on the Motavians.  To our surprise, we soon ran into one who had constructed a fully functioning, four person jet scooter complete with tinted windows and chrome finish.  Even more to our surprise, they get bored with it immediately and get back to picking through waste, leaving us to jack their ride.

Never mind that, stupid conscience!
Go go go!

With our sweet new ride, we set about to cruisin' the open oceans and fightin' sea monsters.  We came across a whirlpool of sorts and made note of it.  The jet scooter isn't airtight and can't dive worth a damn so we need something to help us breathe underwater.  Well, we live a high tech world so there must be something available to help us brave the watery depths.  A submersible?  Haven't seen one.  Scuba gear?  None around.  Oh!  Of course!  How about some gum that generates oxygen as you chew it?!  It doesn't exist yet but we know someone who is working on that completely insane invention.  All he needs are some rare Maruera leaves located on a mountainous island called Uzo.  There's only a few islands on Mota anyhow but the entrance is hidden and took a bit of searching to find.  Climbing up the mountain was a bit rough but we stumbled upon the tree on our first attempt — or so we thought.

I'm surprised I can tell the difference.

After finding about five more of these fakes (in as many days), we came across, what I'm sure was, the last plant on the entire mountain range.  With foot blisters the size of small turnips, I invoked my Hinas-Ryuka technique combo to return to the city.  Navigating Uzo was a real pain, with multiple dead ends and tough enemies.  And so the trend continues.  There weren't even any unguarded treasure chests lying around, which was odd.  Anyway, the crazy inventor actually made his oxygen-gum invention work and gave us an unlimited supply.  Gum in mouth (mmmm... oxygeny), we could now enter the whirlpool and, presumably, Climatrol.  With the Uzo maze fresh in my mind, I decided to actually try to map Climatrol using a simple line system roughly connecting teleporter locations.  Well, this turned out to be a disaster as my maps somehow made me even more lost.  I need a grid-based dungeon, dammit!

Can't we just slash / shoot
our way through here?

Climatrol required around five visits to finally get through; my crap map was abandoned and I opted to use the tried and true method of keeping left.  This resulted in immediate success and the map was treated with a one-way trip to the recycling facility.  For the party, we were also treated with a boss fight as well as some plot development to shake things up.  A duplicate of Nei, called Neifirst, has been responsible for generating the biohazard monsters.  She was created by an experiment mixing humans and monsters but she was deemed too dangerous and was slated for destruction.  She escaped, stole DNA data, and proceeded to generate monsters to get revenge.  Our Nei somehow split off of Neifirst and has been trying to stop her ever since.  I guess Nei had amnesia or something because any of that information would have been useful before now.  Hearing Neifirst's words now, Nei flips out and attacks Neifirst solo, getting killed in one hit.  With her last bunch of breaths, Nei gives a heartfelt speech about goodness and then dies, leaving me inconsolable.

*sniff* I'll just nibble on those alluring ears
once more — for old times' sake.

Rudo and I proceeded to beat on Neifirst while Hugh threw Dimates (healing potions) into our mouths.  Neifirst didn't last long and soon we ended her monster-generating reign of terror... as well as her control of Climatrol.  With no one controlling it, Climatrol runs haywire and a global flooding of Mota begins.

Did I do that?... Whoopsie daisy!

In order to prevent the flood, four dams must be opened (though shouldn't just opening one work?).  Of course, these can't be opened remotely and so we'll have to enter each of their undoubtedly maze-like passages and find the switch.  Unfortunately for us, Mother Brain has issued an order to have us captured for the Climatrol incident.  Instead of fighting biohazards, we now have to contend with security robots who are only programmed to bring the pain.

Our healer proving that she's
got some big brass ones.

I'm sure that each of the dams will feature long, convoluted paths and multiple attempts but hopefully the keeping left or right method will hold up.  If not, I guess I'll have to... *shudder*... draw up a more detailed map.