November 08, 2012

Sweet Home - Spookshow Baby

As we delve deeper into the bowels of the manor, the restless undead continue to assault us at every turn.  The silver weapons we found work well enough against the unrelenting hordes but the battles are taking a mental toll on us all.  Poor Emi, the Key Bearer, is suffering more than anyone else.  She seems to be a favourite target for the whisking spirits.  These cunning spirits like nothing more than to transport one of us to a completely different location, alone and afraid.  So far, we have always managed to find the lost one by following their screams of terror.  After Emi's sixth abduction, though, we only found her by stumbling across her catatonic body located in the slime pits.  Ever since then, Emi has been very... quiet.

Oh Emi, please come back to us!

There are many frescos located within the manor, far more than we had originally thought.  Ghostly words appear in the fresco whenever Taro, the Capturer of Moments, photographs one.  Through these phrases, we have pieced together the tragic story of Lady Mamiya.  In days long since past, the Mamiya's were a happy household, quite content with their luxurious lifestyle.  This all abruptly changed when the Mamiya's two-year-old child accidentally fell into their incinerator and died.

How is babby burned?

Stricken with grief, Lady Mamiya lost her mind and began murdering children so that her child would have playmates in the afterlife.  When she realized what a monster she had become, she committed suicide and has been haunting the manor ever since.  This perhaps explains the overbearing sense of...  mmmm, it's a bit hard to describe...  despair that permeates the house; we've all felt its effects.  I don't know if we'll somehow be able to free Lady Mamiya from her cursed existence.  For now, our main concern is getting our own skins out of here alive.  We know that we need to find some keys to unlock the doors that Emi's key can't.  The first one lay hidden under a skull and stone memorial tower located on a small island in the nearby lake.  The entire perimeter of the lake is covered in vegetation so dense as to be impassable (yes, we did try to escape that way).  I suspect that the memorial tower is for the dead baby but that won't stop us from desecrating it for a key.

Let's hope Lady Mamiya isn't
watching us right now.

With the key in our possession, we can now access new locations in the house.  Our goal is to reach the second floor where we've been told Lady Mamiya's bedroom is.  I can only hope our willpower and fortitude can hold out long enough to get us there but I fear for Emi's sanity.