September 13, 2012

Dragon Quest III - Stay Puff Puffed, Man

As the title suggests, yet another damn puff scene happens during the adventure.  I've mentioned before that don't particularly care for random boobs in my RPGs (unless the whole RPG is boobcentric), but the previous two didn't invoke anything more in me than an eye-roll.  This one... this one decides to take it to a whole new level.

Sometimes a good imagination
can be a terrible curse.

Here's hoping you started watching that at the beginning for maximum effect.  If not, that's too bad; you can pry my precious gifs from my cold, dead, robotic forceps. Anywho, I just wanted to get that out of the way so that I can focus on aspects of the game that don't try to traumatize my libido.

I'll stick with metal slimes for my
erotica — like a normal person.

After leaving the initial island, the party comes across the castle of Romaly.  Apparently, a rapscallion by the name of Kandar has stolen the Golden Crown.  The king of Romaly will only recognize Shen as a true hero if he reclaims it for him.  I would prefer a huge sack of golds but I suppose a royal pat on the back is just as good.  Kandar is hiding out in the nearby Shampagne Tower and the gang prepares to find and ascend the tower to kick the thief's butt.  However, a shrine encountered on the way proved quite the distraction.  One of the new features added in the remake is found here.

Lovely statues.  Do
they come in d20s?

The life-sized board game of Pachisi resides in this shrine as well as others found sprinkled throughout the lands.  Tickets are found in all manner of hidden places similar to the small medals.  Shen goes at it solo and starts off with ten rolls of the die to try to reach the end goal, which must be landed on directly or else Shen backtracks the remaining movement.  Nice items and/or gold is the reward for completion.  There are all sorts of squares to land on.  There are fight squares, plus or minus gold squares, item squares, instant damage squares, instant fail squares, etc.  Shen has found (and finished) two shrines so far although one square type has always eluded him.

Come ooooon, one!  One! One!

Back on the track of Kandar, the tower of Shampagne proved to hold no real hardships.  Upon finding Kandar and his cronies, they smartly try to book it but, of course, get caught in the end and face a critical beatdown by Shen & Co.  Kandar begs for forgiveness and promises to change his ways.  Shen compassionately lets him go but I'm sure we'll be seeing him again.  Upon returning the crown to Romaly, the king offers up his throne but Shen isn't the type to stay put so he rejects it.  Onwards and upwards!

So as to not completely spoil the game, I won't detail every quest but most follow the format of the above.  Get quest from castle/town, enter nearby tower/cave, kick ass/butt, retrieve/return item.  Let it be known, however, that after trekking halfway around the world to get a king some pepper, the crew acquired a mighty ship to open the rest of the world right up.  The search for more Pachisi begins!

Seaworthy as promised.  Would
quest again.  A++++++.

Now, onto the topic of team management.  Some cuts need to be made and I think it will surprise no one that Skankor the jester is being ousted.  The failed somersaults and other antics in battle (resulting in a lost turn) were cute in the beginning, but now that we're levelled up to the high teens, it just seems sad.  Skankor, you are the weakest link.  Goodbye.  Next up, it seems like the magely Dr. Insano should be next.  He does have a very nice spell list but his lack of HP makes it difficult to keep him going.  Just as Shen was going to finalize the paperwork on his expulsion, the group came across a temple which allows a character to change his or her class.  Well, Shen isn't allowed to, he has to stay in the hero class.

Can't I be a wealthy
layabout instead?

Unfortunately, no one can change their class just yet.  A certain level needs to be reached and I'm hoping it's 20 as most of the characters are quite close to that.  I'm also quite curious to see if any new classes will be available and what stats, spells or abilities will carry over.  If the good doctor can become a fighter and still keep his spells, he'll be spared being given the axe.  I'll come back to this temple a bit later and... hold it, what's going on with that symbol behind the high priest there?  Did the game just Godwin itself?

Oh, whew.  They're just Buddhists.
Those guys are aiight.