September 17, 2012

Dragon Quest III - Revive the Power of the Orbs!

After searching high and low for new venues of hot Pachisi action, ShenNung and crew came up empty-handed.  In an attempt to cover up their failure, they decided that they really should get around to gathering the six orbs required to resurrect the most legendary and rideable phoenix, Ramia.  If ShenNung had realized that acquiring the orbs would mean free airship... well, let's just say "Pachisi who?".  The starbursty slime square so desired previously just turned out to be a tough fight anyway, completely devoid of the little cuties.

Maybe they're in the armour?

The first orb was found unexpectedly whilst searching a pirate's den.  Well, that was easy.  The pirates don't even care that Shen took it; in fact, they are all pretty easygoing about the party breaking into their hideout.  They know about Shen and his quest and are quite friendly.  It's nice to see them breaking the stereotypical pirate image of greed and brutality when they realize the world is at stake.  Either that or they know they don't stand a chance in mortal combat against our heroes.  After waving goodbye to their newfound friends, dealer JimBurke quipped something about how he hoped all the orbs would be so easy.


The search for the next orb took the party into a cave crisscrossed with rivers of molten hot lava.  Luckily, the lava flows don't burn or even cause much discomfort for the gang.  They're just hardcore like that.  The cave itself is quite small but the boss guarding the orb turned out to be the most difficult adversary that DQ has thrown at them yet.  The Orochi is a fire belching, multi-headed nightmare that whupped the entire party more than a few times.  It is capable of launching multiple attacks, one of which is a torrent of party-engulfing fireballs.

And yes, it can fireball for
all its attacks if it wants.

When the Orochi finally fell to the extremely singed quartet, it fled into the nearby village where it had to be fought yet again.  Defeating it again netted the party the purple orb.  A much-needed break from orb hunting was taken with the group content to just sail around, checking out previously unexplored lands.  After investigating a clearing in a forest, an old man was found who desired to build a new town in the clearing.  In a surprising twist, JimBurke decides to leave the group to help get the project off the ground.  As the rest of the party continued the quest for orbs, Mr. Burke did a grand job in getting the town built.  Checking in from time to time, Shen and the others watched as the town got progressively larger and more bustling.

All driven by Jim's
raging narcissism.

The third orb was another one that was easily got.  All that was required was visiting a town that had been destroyed by Baramos.  During the day, it appeared bleak and bereft of life but during the night spirits would appear.  One of these spirits simply hands over the green orb somehow.  The next orb required Shen to take a solo challenge and brave a dangerous cave all by himself.  He had recently learned the Healmore spell and so was in good shape to tackle all of the monsters.

Who da man?...  WHO DA MAN?!

Another two orbs means time for another break.  A number of places offer gambling in the form of betting on monster arena fights.  With all the excess golds the party has acquired, it seems appropriate to let them blow a few grand before heading off to find the fifth orb.

Pfft, look at those unrealistic odds.
Obviously rigged.
Well, you made it to round three,
Slime. I'm proud of you.

After bolstering the local economy, it was time to pack up and attempt to locate the fifth orb.  The party had heard rumours that one lay somewhere in the Necrogond mountains.  Access to the range is blocked by a volcano and... hold up.  A volcano?  The same volcano that took pappy Ortega's life and pushed all the world-saving responsibility to Shen?  Well, obviously it won't be enough to just cross over the volcano.  Nope.  With the help of the Gaia Sword, Shen is going to straight up murderize that terrestrial pimple.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you geological features...

Don't fuck with the Nungs!

With his father's killer safely blown up, it is with renewed vigour that Shen pushes forward to gather the final two orbs.  Though if things get too rough, there's still around twenty Pachisi tickets to be wasted.