August 30, 2012

Future Soldier Lios - End Game

The empire was devastated not only by our superior tactics but also because we had obtained every armour upgrade out there.  Instead of heading straight towards the final castle right from the beginning, every sector that had an enemy presence was liberated.  With maximum armour, the normally more fragile winged units could hold their own, even without terrain benefits.  By the time the final castle was reached, the entire squad had become airborne.  The prince also got a suit upgrade that allowed him to carry any weapon and still have flight.  And how did they accomplish that, you might ask?

I have a feeling things aren't going to end well.

As an aside, something that irked me for the whole game was the lack of colour variation on the battlefield.  It's wasn't detrimental or anything, just annoying.  For a system that can handle displaying over 50 colours, the developers sure went out of their way to have as much blue and brown possible.  If you're going to go nuts with just a few colours, at least make the units a different colour than the terrain.

Was it a four colour challenge or something?

Anyway, the final battle was no different than any other except for one small detail.  An entire unit was actually lost for the first time in the game.  Normally, when a unit has lost two of the three mechs, I'll take it out of the battle and let the stronger units finish the job.  Why bother when all units get repaired before each battle anyway?  Well, when a unit goes up in a fiery ball of explosion, the last pilot manages to escape and run all away back across the battlefield in a most undignified manner.  Through dense forests, over high mountain peaks, across freaking lakes — he's seriously losing his shit.

I just wanted to save my troops
from the same humiliation.

After the bad empire is defeated, the people of the lands are so ecstatic that they are literally hanging off the walls.  Don't want to jinx anything but I have a feeling that tonight is going to be the mother of all parties that ends all parties.

Now let's all get drunk and play ping-pong!