June 29, 2012

Dragon Quest II - Crestfallen

As predicted, Maria lacks more than Kain in melee but she can still take a punch pretty good while defending, so she's a good damage absorber that can heal herself.  She starts out at level one (just like Kain did) and quickly gained a handful of levels, expanding out her magical repertoire and thickening up her skin.  Kain and her share some of the same spells (critical spells such as Healmore) but Maria accumulates magic points quicker.  A lot of exploring got done during this time and the party eventually found themselves at the harbour town of Lupegana.  It would be here that a sturdy sailing ship would be acquired but first some heroics.

The following carnage was too bloody
and gruesome to be shown.

As an aside, remember when the original Shen in DQ1 stopped by the quaint town of Maira to do massive bong hits?  Well, the puffing was again encountered here but this time it's very obvious that I completely misunderstood what a puff is.

Sure, let me just get my pipe and...
why are you on your knees?

The whole puffing scene happens just as in the original.  I still thought it was a pot reference at this point until I talked to her again to see what she says when I just say no to puffing.

Eh?  What does being gay... are we
still talking about cheeba cheeba?

Yes, it was only then that it dawned on me.  The DQ1 girl comments on how handsome Shen is and this one fishes for a cute compliment.  The whole screen goes black during both encounters.  They both tell Shen to "please come again".  It's not even a blowjob reference (dammit, I was STILL wrong); a little research shows that it's a titty-face-rubbing scene.  So the dude that I thought was puffing to ease his sleep apnea was just dreaming about boobs then?  Thanks, Japan, but (I can't believe I'm saying this) I don't always need titties in the media I consume.  If anything, at least have it be a developed character like Maria and not some random skank.  Oh shit, I just Rule 34'ed myself, didn't I?

I'm sailing away from
this train of thought.

Ah, the cool ocean breezes invigorate the crew as they begin to explore the skank-free high seas for new adventures.  After wandering aimlessly for awhile (I blame the ocean winds), the gang came across a familiar sight (if they were around 100 years ago).

I remember you from such
games as Dragon Quest 1!

The entire continent from the original is represented here, albeit in compressed form and missing some towns.  Not a whole lot to do other than run down memory lane and visit the grandson of an old friend.

Dragonlords also have descendants.

This Dragonlord was quite friendly and chatted it up with the group.  Probably lonely from sitting on the same throne for years at a time, hatching exactly zero schemes.  He tells the characters about the five crests they need to gather in order to meet some wizard who can help them defeat Hargon.  Where to start looking?  There's still so much more to explore so it's time to let fate intervene and let it lead the party where it may.  Randomly anchoring to new lands leads to many new monsters to fight; keeping the party distracted from the quest at hand.  The characters are tough enough now to handle most of these new creatures fairly easily.

Still couldn't kill any of these
little bastards, though.

The party had netted two of the crests (Star and Moon) before disaster stuck.  While resting at the inn in the water town of Beranule, Kain falls ill, most likely due to a curse from Hargon.

Maria must be translating
Kain's sign language.

Normally Shen wouldn't mind being stuck with only Maria (rawr) but the group just blew 21K golds on a Power Shield for Kain.  Oh well.  The quest for crests must go on the backburner while a cure is sought out.  Here's hoping it's somewhere on this small island and not halfway across the bloody world.