March 17, 2012

Miracle Warriors - End Game

The fourth and final companion, Treo, was trapped inside a cave on a remote island nestled in amongst an imposing ring of mountains.  At Shen's cry of "Awake, Giant!", the beast curse that had afflicted Treo was broken and he was free to join with the rest of the party.

Awww, cute.  He looks like a
M.U.S.C.L.E. figurine.

All the equipment for Treo was conveniently located in one dungeon, bringing him up to par with everyone else.  Getting the legendary armaments for the others before Treo, however, was not as easy.  The pieces were just guarded by a single creature; there was no dungeon to navigate.  The creatures themselves, though, were tough as nails and required the usage of all the special items the group had acquired.  The game keeps a strict limit on how many of each item you can keep and makes it so that one cannot rely just on the items to see them through the battle.  Two of the items are damage doers (earthquake staves and sacred nuts) and the other protects against enemy spells (stones of protection).  These items are found in a variety of places around the map and incur different costs.  Staves cost guilders, stones require fangs, and nuts are only found by defeating a certain creature dwelling in certain forests.  After taking on and defeating each guardian, all these items have to be acquired again to have a chance against the next guardian.  The stones are defective as well and only work about a quarter of the time.

Another fifty fangs down the drain.

After all four members were fully decked out with the latest in Iason butt-kicking gear, they got an upgrade to their ship that will allow them to navigate the raunchiest of seas and access the final continent of Areos.  Monsters are so tough here that most of them need to be fled from or else the party's total hit points will be halved.  Makes it tough to explore and exploring was done to the max due to circumstances that will now be detailed.  K, so after Treo joins and brings the fourth and final piece of an ancient scroll to the group, the scroll is now complete and can be read.  It contains the directions to the three keys that unlock the Gelkis shrine, which is where the dark lord, Terarin, resides.

Nice taping job, guys.  I can't
even see the seams.

The directions themselves are not difficult to figure out; there are even hints given from NPCs should one not know where "face not dawn" is referring to.  However, the Saria mentioned in the scroll is an ancient name for a location.  Thankfully, a random encounter NPC says that Medi's town used to be called Saria.  Since Medi was picked up in Doris, the party starts by going south for eight days (i.e. steps) and... end up hitting the edge of the map by step seven.  Something is definitely up here.  After dicking around Doris for awhile, it became clear that the NPC was just a lying arse.  Oh well, back to Areos to continue exploring.  Noticing a suspicious patch of desert in amongst mountains and forest, the party stumbles upon the dungeon containing one of the three keys needed.  Instead of reverse engineering from that point like intelligent beings would do and realizing that it's the town of Tegea that used to be Saria, the party opts to just explore every patch of desert in southern Areos.  The end result is same; it's just more embarrassing this way.

The final dungeon consists of three small levels.  The party didn't fight any of the monstrosities within the dungeon.  They'd rather save their strength for Terarin.  The brave descendants of Iason readied themselves for the final encounter but were caught completely off-guard by Terarin's twin green orbs of power.

This looks more like a job for Capt. Kirk.

Defeating her required using all the items previously mentioned as well as three restorative potions that healed a character completely.  With Terarin vanquished, peace is restored and the monsters stop ravaging the lands.  After a grand ceremony, the four heroic comrades say their farewells and head back to their regular lives, always ready to spring into action should evil raise her head again.

Better get more than just a hug.