March 21, 2012

[Game 017] Dragon Quest (NES - 1986) (SNES Remake)

Translation by RPGONE & Evilteam

The granddaddy.  The venerable one.  The big Kahuna.  The pimp daddy hustler stack money.  All of these words are a good description of me but also could be applied to the legendary DRAGON QUEST!!! I guess.  Does it seem strange that DQ is all the way down at #17?  Wouldn't this game have been the quintessentially perfect game in which to kick the blog off instead of that terrible Ultima?  After some research, I found out that when the Cyber Police originally compiled the game list, the release dates for Dragon Quest 1 through 4 were the dates for the North American releases.  Normally this wouldn't be too much of a problem as I'm not a huge stickler on East vs. West release dates (they're usually pretty close).  In the case of the Dragon Quest series, however, this would have meant that Dragon Quest 5 (only released in Japan until much later) would be played before Dragon Quest 4.  AND NUNG WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT!  So what I, the infallible Nung, have dun did is backtraced it and hacked the list to get the DQs closer to their proper spot.  I've spaced them evenly out amidst the games from now until DQ4 because fuck doing three DQ games in a row.  Cyber Police, ya dun goofed, but what can I expect from a bunch of rubes who can't even manage to delete the experimental prototype manchine from the Internets kernel?  Word.

Having said all that, this is the SNES remake released in 1993 so it's not like I'm even doing the original game, lol.  If you want a detailed history of the Dragon Quest series, be sure to check out episode 30 (part 2) of 16-Bit Gems.  I'll be here doing what I do best; trying to make dick jokes and over-analyzing game minutiae.

No prob, I was busy looking
at your tits anyhow.

The remake features many improvements over the original.  Movement is far smoother and there are many interface upgrades reflecting the standards of '93.  Dialogue is expanded and helps flesh out the story in better detail.  Obviously, graphics and sound are also greatly enhanced, especially the music.  Enhanced is the key word as everything still looks and sounds like Dragon Quest; from the glorious opening theme to the dull thud after ramming into a wall.  Some things are best left untouched, however, like this iconic figure:

Bigger than Mario in my book.

In fact, all the monsters encounter so far have been very close to their original counterparts.  A little more shadow and deepening of colour but otherwise identical.

Their little smiles just brighten my
day before I smash them to bits.

I'm going to stomp your
corpse into legal tender.

Since DQ is the standard setter for all JRPGs to follow, it'll have a Circle of Protection: Cliché for the duration of the article.  They're all here!  Save the princess.  Kill the foozle.  Gather the MacGuffins.  Grind your face off.  Mute main character.  Or how about what happens when one wanders unknowingly into the area that contains the next level of monsters?

Yeah, that's the stuff.

I won't go into too much detail about the story itself as many others have already covered it but here are a few tidbits.  An interesting encounter was had in the village of Maira involving Shen taking a break from fighting monsters and just kicking back and chillaxin' for awhile.

Five hundred golds later.

I have my doubts as to how accurate this translation is but then again, nothing coming out of Japan surprises me much anymore.  Found another guy at the inn using some to cure his sleep apnea.

Erdrick's not here, man.

I also really like how the game reacts whenever a chest is opened.  No matter what lies within, the narrator is always blown away.  Even when Shen knows full well what is in the chest because it's a quest item.

Found by the very man who was
seeking them.  How ironic.

Hmmm... what other excuse can I use to have more pics up in this piece?  Hey, I know.  Dragons need no excuses...  Ever.

Hey, princess.  I'll just deal with this
adorable little dragon here for ya.

On second thought, I think
I'll die in three hits.