March 27, 2012

Final Lap Twin - End Game

During the final stages the game expanded a bit past just finding the next town and boss fight.  The first was to get an item that would allow Shen to traverse the seas.  Hearing rumours that it was located at the Cool Pool which is under lock and key due to it being filled with girls (!?).  The key is retrieved after defeating one of the bosses and Shen finds the sacred spa near the final town.

♪ Girls, girls, girls!  ♫

As luck would have it, Shen just missed out on the girls (story of my life) but he did get the sea-faring item.  I was hoping for hovercraft or even a good, solid raft.  But no.

Are you kidding me? A
fucking boogie board?

Hey, where the hell is my car in all of this?  I gave the game a pass up to this point on using a person sprite instead of a far more appropriate car one but this flies about as well as the Avro Arrow.  It would even make sense for this part as well.  Car gets upgraded to become amphibious.  Boom, you're done.  I'm extra suspicious now that this was part of some abandoned RPG and they didn't want to waste what coding had already been done.

Getting the *sigh* boogie board opens up a few previously unattainable places which nets Shen a few rare parts as well as more evidence for my theory.  After visiting some twins on an island and getting a lamp from them, Shen is able to go and explore Matt's warehouse.  The dark and spooky warehouse contains some excellent parts but there are no random encounters at all.  It's just a matter of wandering around the rather small "maze" and exhausting all the paths.  This is the only spot in the world that has this pathetic attempt to incorporate a dungeon into the game.  Methinks this is another example of having some unused code kicking around which was to be used to simulate exploring a dark dungeon.  Oh well, at least the items themselves were decent enough.

♫ I wear my Adidas when
I rock the beat. ♪

With all the boss items gathered and owning many top-of-the-line car parts, Shen just needed the master mechanic, Mr. Minute, to put it all together.  It took less than a minute and the result was superb.

Pimp my ride, yo.

The final match is against world champ, Alan Pross, and includes all the other boss characters as well.  In addition, the race is five laps long and being held on a brand new track.  It was during this time that I found myself wishing there was a way to abort during the race because Shen got his ass stomped many times.  This led to many races in which Shen had given up and sat idling in his car in the middle of the raceway, giving thumbs up to Alan as he got lapped for the third time.  This is why I stick to turn-based games, folks.  My reflexes fucking suck.  Don't tell anyone this but I save scummed my way through this final track.  This technically violates one of the rules but since they were already violated by doing an action-based game, it balances out or something?  No one in game noticed anyhow so I win.

I'll tell him the truth
on his deathbed.