March 22, 2012

Dragon Quest - End Game

Just like last night with the wife, Dragon Quest is over so quickly I barely remember even being there.  This was partly due to having a fairly accurate replication of the world in my memory banks.  Dragon Warrior (the North American release of DQ) was the first 8-bit RPG I ever owned and was the only RPG I had for my NES for many months.  Do the math.  I had other games, for sure, but they were mostly geared towards two player action.  The discovery of genuinely engaging solo gaming would be something that would serve me well during those sulky teen years.

That's a skeleton not a
wraith, Mom, you idiot!

Getting back to the quest, even though the dragon guarding the princess killed Shen with ease initially, after a few levels the tables were turned.  After dispatching the great beast, a battle-weary Nung was treated to a VERY grateful princess.

Whoa, slow down, sister, I've
only got 8 hit points here.

Two spells later and we're back at Radatome castle to drop the princess off with the king.  The princess escalates her infatuation with Shen to the next level and promptly scares him back into the monster-infested field.

Damn, girl, I've known you for less
than five minutes.  Ease up.

Et tu, King-ay?

Fleeing the evidently deprived royalty, Shen gets back to slaying beasties and gathering items.  The Stones of Sunshine and the Rain Cloud Staff are to be combined into the Rainbow Drop which creates the bridge to the Dragon King's castle.  The remake here gets muchos points for a super sweet rendition of the creation of the bridge.

My god, it's full of multicoloured
concentric rings.

The final assault on the castle holds the toughest fights but also yields the greatest experience points (no, I didn't manage to kill any metal slimes this time).  One cliché that I forgot to mention previously is the classic two-forms end boss.  You initially fight what seems to be an unimpressive final boss but after its defeat it shows its true form and the real battle begins.

Dragon King digivolve to
Mega Draco King.

Peace returns to the land and Shen is now heralded as a true hero.  Townsfolk clamour to just get a glimpse at him and minstrels begin composing their epic ballads about the mighty Nung.

Thank you, thank you.
Autographs start at 10 golds.

The princess has her own plans for poor Shen, however, and promptly marries his ass after his return.

Uh, what's your name
again? Mulva?

We all hope that Shen lives happily ever after but I doubt the princess will ever let him leave the castle again.  For Shen, this is definitely...