February 10, 2012

[Game 013] Wizardry II (NES - 1989) (SNES Remake)

Translation by Aeon Genesis

The second installment of the fab Wizardry series is more like an expansion pack to the first one.  It tweaks and alters some mechanics but is otherwise the same.  Meticulous mapping is again absolutely essential to victory as is good character management.  All the characters from Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord have been successfully imported into KoD.  Since Team Evil did not end up killing Werdna, they have been rewarded with blissful and permanent deletion.  There's enough sinister evil lurking in the dungeons so it hath been decreed that only good (and neutral) aligned characters are to brave its frightening corridors.

Fear the Dink!

Characters are stripped of their equipment and start at level one.  The stats are kept and all have high stats compared to what could be generated.  As in the last game, we have a main party which does the exploring and a backup party which grinds in known areas.  Should the main party get completely wiped out, it is their task to retrieve the bodies for resurrection.  Shen Nung will reprise his role as item identifier and banker.  He may join the backup party occasionally just to stretch his legs but we'll try to keep him safe.

The first level is fairly easy.  Some item fetching is needed to open up new areas but is not a problem since every nook and cranny is going to get explored anyway.  The party thief also is doing a fantastic job on disarming chests, probably due to the initial high stats.  The second level is where Wizardry starts getting to be more Wizardry-y.  The first scare was when these guys first appeared:

The insta-killing nightmares
from Wizardry I.

Sadly, it appears the ninjas this time have vastly inferior training because no one yet has been decapitated by one.  I know I just jinxed myself by saying that and I'm sure I'll pay dearly.  That's just what Wizardry would do to me too.  I'll just be turbo fighting through my 50th batch of ninjas and then WHAM!  Triple beheading on the fighters.  Don't think that just because the ninjas are underwhelming that Wizardry doesn't have something planned for level two.  The fairly rare Smog Beasts have high HP and fun spells that affect the entire party (damage dealing or sleep).

Also, they travel in packs.
Always. In. Packs.

Really, though, I would have been disappointed if Wizardry hadn't done something like this.  I'm still waiting for the pit and teleportation traps to show up.  We're heading into level three so I'm sure there will more bullisht that will add to the love/hate relationship I have with Wizardry.  Since it is so similar to the first Wizardry, the next post will likely be an End Game one (though might take awhile if there are 10 levels like the first).