January 15, 2012

Glory of Heracles - End Game

This password saving system that GoH uses is a real pain.  The entire reason that Heracles could not get Pegasus was because of this.  Most of the quests that get reset after using a password do not matter since the quest item needed is usually still in Heracles' possession.  If the item was discarded, the quest would have to be redone to get it again.  However, there was a quest in which Heracles did not receive an item and instead the completion triggered a dialogue event in another NPC far away.  Since Herc had not found this NPC between the time of the quest being completed and restoring via the password, the NPC was reset to his previous dialogue state.  After completing the quest the second time, Heracles managed to get the Silk Reins he needs to tame the wild Pegasus.  This was thankfully after only having to redo a handful of the initial quests since some of the later quests have incredibly long paths that must be traversed.  An example would be the Amazon quest in which Heracles has to set sail from the northern town of Leaneira, sail the entire longitude south, walk through a forest, through a dungeon, and finally through the Amazonian city.  We're talking a 250+ step path here combined with the stupid encounter rate.  Although I guess it wouldn't be so bad to see Queen Torba again.

Perhaps a little snu-snu?

With Silk Reins now in his possession, Heracles travels to the much-visited Tomb of Warriors and is finally able to lay his cross on the tomb which summons Pegasus.  In an instant, Heracles does a double jump off the tomb and lands on the back of the mighty Pegasus.  Grabbing onto the ferocious mane of the powerful equine, Heracles struggles to keep his grasp firm as Pegasus attempts to buck and loop-de-loop the hero from his back.  While the effort is valiant, Pegasus just can't compete with a level 30 Herc and is eventually subdued and the silk reins are tied into place.  Now arise, Pegasus.  Arise and take Heracles to the Heavenly Realm.  Up, up, and away!

Oops, looks like Heracles forgot
to get the pressure suit item.

The Heavenly Realm is basically a large town with encounters.  The encounter rate here, though, is different from the normal one.  It's quite reasonable and the three-step-batching problem is gone as well.  The perspective inexplicably changes as well from the regular overhead type to a side view (like you would find in a platform).  Every time Heracles approached an edge, I would inadvertently hit a button to try to jump.  I guess the developers wanted to give a sense of climbing up the heavens and it works fairly well here.

Yo, can you direct me to the nearest
question mark block?

After meeting a few gods and doing more item fetch quests, Heracles has what he needs in order to enter the Underworld and attempt his rescue of Aphrodite.  As expected, as soon as Herc enters he is attacked by Cerberus.  Unfortunately for Cerberus, he falls for the old "throwing the bone" trick and leaves himself wide open for Heracles to cleave him asunder.  The Underworld consists of a few interconnected dungeons but nothing too vile.  The idiot encounter rate is back again but Herc is far too tough for any fight to really affect him.  After crossing the river Styx, Heracles enters the castle of Hades and begins his hunt.

Hrmm, I just know there's a Mr. Roboto
joke somewhere in here.

After an encounter with a fake version of Hades, Heracles finds a secret passage behind Hades' throne and discovers the REAL Hades.  In the grand tradition of final end bosses, Hades has two forms:

The wussy, frail wizard type and the...

As much as I bagged on the game during play, it became all worth it when Heracles defeated Hades and released the stunning Aphrodite, bringing love and peace back to the lands (at least until the sequel).

Perhaps a little snu-snu?