December 25, 2011

Shell Monsters Story - Let's Get This Party Started

The Shell Heroes of Air and Water, Kupikupi and Poyon, each had a solo quest similar to the first two heroes.  Talk to gypsy woman, get map, have map deciphered by monk.  After getting Kupikupi to hook up with Poyon, the party was now half underway.  Both halves just need to find each other.  The most likely spot would be at the bustling port town of Marina del Pei.  Difficult monsters surrounded the area but newly acquired healing magic from Kupikupi kept them both going.  A joyous fanfare blared as the two halves finally joined and fused together in the ultimate union to bring about the (I'm assuming) most powerful of magicks.

OMG u guys!  We'll totally be
the Rainbow All-stars Club!

With everyone together at last, it could now be determined how well they operated with one another.  Any weaknesses that might have existed whilst solo or duo have been shored up.  Shen stands out at the brute force fighter with no magic so far other than the magic spell received for combining shells.  The other three are far weaker physically but have a plethora of spells to choose from among all three of them.  I don't feel most parties need more than one fighter (unless more or less forced to, as in Wizardry) so this is an ideal configuration for me.  With all the healing power available to the group now (in addition to having four attacks/round), some deep penetrations could be made into previously too difficult territory.  Shen still has many levels on his three underlings so, in his all-encompassing compassion and wisdom, our lord Shen Nung, of the Shell of Brilliant Fire, did hereby take his little fledglings and mold them into companions worthy of being by Shen's side.  Experienced gained is the same regardless of the number of characters in the party so there is no reason to split them up.  After the training session, it was time to stop by the Beer-Beer bar and see if the eldest-looking Poyon could get this under-aged party started in full.  Even with his fake moustache & glasses disguise, the Shell Heroes fame had spread throughout the land and he was recognized on sight.

Will you still get us a six pack?

Disappointed with not being drunk, the four decided they might as well purchase a boat and find all these sunken relics.  Four child heroes can't drink but they are allowed to own and operate their own sea vessel.  The corrupt tendrils of the shipbuilders guild reaches far in this world apparently.  With a map in each hand and a sparkle in each eye, the party begins to board the ship when the game informs them that there can only be two officers on board.  Nice touch to bring back party configuration dynamics after having already teamed up.  As leader, Shen decides that he'll take each underling out himself for each one's respective map.  First Shen will find the object of his map's desires; the Space-Time Ring everyone was going on about in Baltarie.  Ocean creatures are tough but super buff Shen turns them into sashimi in no time.  He soon finds the ring in a coral reef.

Property of Time Lords Inc.

After much travelling, the other three sunken items were also found.  Two of these items are scrolls to be traded to old woman Yodada who lives in a shrine far west of Baltarie.  All this travelling around isn't so bad for the group.  In addition to the gain in XP and pearls (this game's golds), the revisiting of towns along the way has allowed characters who previously weren't with the party when the town was first visited to now buy specific weapons and armour that only they can equip.  Yodada does indeed exchange the two scrolls for her Key of Light which should allow entry into the Sky Castle.

The scrolls were just a recipe for a
really ripping lentil soup anyway.

Before finding the Sky Castle though, the party acts on some rumours they heard in their travels about a boat that can actually hold four small children on board!  Of course it's not just available for sale.  No, any artifacts in this game must be submerged in the bloody ocean.  The ship in question was swallowed by a whale which can only be summoned by use of some Whale Whiskers.  At least those are buried on an island (though near the water).  Fighting the whale frees the mighty Puka ship and now Shen & Co. will rule the seas as well as the land.

I would have gone with Mopey Dick.

While exploring new areas, the party comes across a few places with locked doors that do not open to the silver keys that have been used everywhere else.  The Sky Castle hopefully has this key as there are few other rumours to follow up on.  While having a vague clue as to where the Sky Castle can be summoned, the party is bound to have to endure more wandering and random battles.  Not complaining though.  The enemies still have the second "hurt up" animation and are still most amusing.

"*sigh* Being almost dead is
such an inconvenience."