December 30, 2011

Shell Monsters Story - End Game

Ah, the Sky Castle didn't hold the next key after all.  The Gold Key was in a town we had previously visited but didn't find.  Finding this put the Sky Castle even more on hold as the group decided to trek around to re-revisit a lot of places to utilize the key on.  After that it was off to teleport to the high-tech Sky Castle to receive the King Sword.

Well-based teleportation.  The future is NOW!

This, combined with the Queen Sword, will bring forth the oddly-named Sword of Love.  However, we'll need a blacksmith named Raban to do the forging.  He's conveniently located inside Fat Badger's castle as a prisoner.  I hope he has his forging tools hidden somewhere on his person.  To get into F.B.'s crib, we'll need to enlist the help of the mermaids.  After a brief quest on their behalf, do they give us a key that allows us entry to the castle?  No.  Do they show us the way into the castle through a network of underwater tunnels?  No.  These mermaids decide to give us a fucking TANK in order to smash our way in.

These are my kind of mermaids.

Bonus pic because fuck yeah tanks.

It didn't take us right to the castle but into a final, closed off area.  Fights were getting kinda rough for the non-Shen's of the group but there was a hotel in the foothills near Fat Badger's castle.  As we started getting closer to the castle, we lost a little respect for Fat Badger as his tastes in villainous architecture are a little... mmmm, obvious.

So do we just climb in through the mouth or...?

As we entered the castle, we fell into a pit trap and I found myself all alone in the dungeon level of the castle.  Right into a hotel as well.  A hotel in a dungeon?  I ain't complaining.  The monsters are among the toughest in the game and even me, the mighty Nung, was forced to back down for some fights.  Even worse, the other members of the party were the ones who held most of the healing items and I don't use healing magic myself (or any magic for that matter).  Exploring far from the hotel was risky and came down to getting a string of "easier" fights before I found Kupikupi at a different hotel.  In fact, all the others were in their own hotel; one in each corner of the dungeon.  Well, we had to hand it to Fat Badger.  If you're running a dungeon that requires four separate hotels to be in operation at all times, you gotta be doing something right.  Or something really wrong.  I'm not quite sure.

After reuniting the crew again, the dungeon itself proved to be the toughest in the game.  In addition to having to fetch many items to unlock other areas, this dungeon had many secret passages throughout it.  They are not marked in anyway so it was mostly just testing out every wall where it might be plausible for a secret door to be.  The party wandered around for quite some time before we even realized that secret doors even existed in this world.  Knowing this eventually led us to Raban, who forged the Sword of Love for us.  He wasn't a prisoner as we had been led to believe but had a fully functioning forge complete with a counter from which to conduct business.  Fat Badger definitely gets the trophy for most progressive dungeon.  Oh sorry, I mean most progressive Involuntary Vacation Resort.  Anywho, with piles of quest items on hand, we made our way to the teleporting well which took us to a succession of stairs with some unique dragon fights along the way.  The Silver and Gold dragons were both very easy due to the usage of the silver and gold mirrors we found earlier on.  Showing the dragon its reflection causes it to be become stunned.

"Can't... take... eyes off...
so... beau...beautiful."

After laying waste to those narcissistic wyrms, we finally reached no other than Fat Badger himself.  From what we had heard and seen so far, he should be an interesting character to chat with.

Uhh-huh-huh-hu.  You said "made it".

After bragging about his villainous plan, F.B. started the action by bringing forth the Final Dragon for him to stand on.  But he didn't count on one thing Shen Nung's secret weapon.

I gots trunks of mega-ton punch
to thump all kinds of chumps.

After knocking the final dragon into orbit, Fat Badger finally showed us his true form.

Eh, could be fatter.

The fight was tough but doable on the first try.  I think all the time we spent wandering around the world and in the dungeon gave us enough levels that even the Badger knew it was a lost cause.  After his defeat, he was sealed up in the Aura Ball (which incidentally provided the entire group with a protective spell during the fight).  With the threat removed, the group returned to the Sky Castle to get their props from the dude there.

Was there any doubt? *flex*

After a quick credits roll, the "The End" screen shows the aura ball cracking; opening the doors for a possible sequel.