November 07, 2011

Dragon Ball - End Game

I wish it wasn't end game.  I was hoping to get a few posts out of this game but it ended far too soon.  The entire playthrough took five hours.  Is that even legal?  Can a game that can be completed in an afternoon really be called a RPG?  Son Goku, I am disappoint.  Why couldn't they do it like the show?  Drag it out for freakin' ever!  Geez, I'm going to spend more time writing about this game than I did playing it!  But I digress.

I did manage to get the favourite
ball from that little puke, Pilaf.

After ruining Pilaf's day, it was off to Karin Tower to get another ball and have Karin direct the party to the location of the last ball located in Penguin Village.  The village is another maze-like area with a lot of aimless wandering, gathering items, and wandering around until something different happens.  One of the items Goku had to gather was rather strange and even stranger in that a twig needed to be obtained before gathering the item.  It's not so strange that the twig is needed.  No, it's that it shows that a lot of thought went into this whole encounter.  The smiley face is the final WTF?.

Any craption I can think of is too
below my already low standards.

If you must know (and I know you must), the faeces is used against a giant carrot person who is turning all the villagers into carrots (of course!).  Then there was some deal with a spaceship and some two headed cyborg or something.  I dunno.  The details are fuzzy since I vipped through the area so quickly.

Anyway, after that unfortunate business, all your balls are belong to us and Goku heads back to Karin Tower.  Karin tells Goku to use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenlong and access the secret Konpei area.

Wouldn't feel right without a
pic of my homie, Shenlong!

This area is a little different from previous ones in that the boss for the area, King Konpei, pops up at various times and fights Goku.  He then leaves an item which is needed to unlock the next bit.  Goku had no problems cleaning his clock every single time.

BAM!  The Double Deuce!

Completing this area unlocks the path to Piccolo's Mansion (though he's not there).  The spirit of Kuririn is freed by Goku smashing a red orb and then the mansion comes crashing down for some reason.  Piccolo is actually at the Dark Castle (I guess the mansion is his summer home?) and Goku heads there next.

The Dark Castle is large maze area in which Goku has to defeat some minions before being able to fight Piccolo.  A level 13 Goku had no problems with any of the minions.  After all, he's fought them all before in countless random encounters.  The final fight with the Dark Lord Piccolo was anticlimactic as Goku used his 7 star ki attack card, hit Piccolo with the reversed kamehameha and utterly demolished him.

If Dragon Ball - Revival of the Dark Lord was a game that was as sucky as Spooky Kitaro, the shortness wouldn't be such a big deal.  Perhaps a little more fight padding since there are plenty of story areas already.  In any case, it's a great romp through a decent RPG with interesting and unique game mechanics.  Fans of Dragon Ball can add x10 Kaio-ken to the enjoyment factor.