October 13, 2011

Wizardry I - End Game

The last few levels of Wizardry held no new tricks.  I had smartened up considerably from my previous bungling and approached the dungeon with more caution.  Monsters started dropping loot more frequently and more magically.  Finally some interesting items were coming our way.  Identifying objects gives only the name of the item, not any stats about it.  One can only wield, wear or use in combat to see if there are any effects (the way it should be).  This also meant that we were selling off such items as the Armor of Evil, assuming that it was cursed (it's not).  Not that we didn't have more than enough golds to test out any of the isht we found, cursed or not.  Ah well, the evil team didn't make it very far anyhow as most ended up defecting to the side of good.

A new monster ability raised its ugly head in the latter levels.  The same ability that plagued so many AD&D sessions of the past.  Friggin' level draining.  Picture grinding for a couple hours.  You're only grinding for experience points since each party member is rich beyond their wildest dreams.  A group of monsters get the drop on your party and before they can react, the fighters get a couple of levels drained.  This is in a game where the next experience level is about 75% of the character's total XP.  By level 10, we're talking close to 100,000 XP here.  If the party even began to suspect that there were drainers in the group, they hightailed it out of there.  It tops my list for most annoying monster ability EVAR.  The CRPG Addict has a personal hatred for poison but I think that level draining is worse (though poison would be next).  Poison eats away at the physical body while draining eats away at the very soul.  Still, a burning contempt against poison is healthy and Wizardry has that end of it covered as well.

The Addict's worst nightmare.

Getting down to the final level proved fairly easy as there was a chute down to it very close to the elevator exit on level nine.  After the ride on the Super Fun Happy Slide, the party was greeted with a sign that I'm sure took Werdna all afternoon to make!

Uhhh... how old is Werdna again?

Nobody in the party knew Latin so we took the "Contra-dextra avenue" to mean that we should we should take the avenue that Contra would (i.e. kick ass like Mad Dog) and to uhh... I dunno... do it dexterously?  After getting sent back to the beginning a couple times, the party finally came across the ... *sigh* ... office of Werdna.

Seriously, Werdna?  Only
a six hour workday?

Despite the silliness leading up to the final battle, Werdna proved to be no joke.  Armed with all the mage spells, the priests had their hands full keeping the fighters up and fighting.  We didn't count how many attempts it took but it was easily in the double digits.

Can't we just talk about
how much Trebor sux?

Amazingly enough, the party was able to overcome a beard so badass even Gimli had to give it props.  Using the amulet that Werdna stole allows the party to teleport anywhere in the dungeon.  Tired from their long journey, the party just wanted to give it back to Trebor and enjoy their gangs of gold.  The second installment of Wizardry won't come for another 8 games so they have plenty of time to enjoy their spoils.