October 26, 2011

Nobunaga's Ambition - End Game

After many more failed attempts it was decided to abandon the battle for middle Japan and just attempt to conquer all of it.  The thought process that believed that this was a swell idea will ever be forgotten to the annals of time.  As in the 17 fief version, picking any of the 50 choices here is a crap shoot.  Most get crushed within a few years and about one in ten make it past that.  Having more territory to conquer takes a lot longer and time is something that is not on a daimyo's side.  A busy daimyo ends up being a sickly daimyo.  Upon his death, all lands are lost and become vacant.  Rulers in pre-modern Japan weren't known for their contingency plans, I guess.

I hope this is a nice epitaph.

An exasperated Shen Nung went back to the smaller map option and begun the process all over again.  Finally... FINALLY... a nation made it past the ten year anniversary and was holding strong.  This was probably due in part in starting at the edge of the map (fief #2) and only having three other empires at the borders.
Everyone wants a piece
of #16's phat ass.

After a short period of military building and training, the wrath of Nung was ready to be unleashed upon his suspecting neighbours.  A rash of plagues hit many places except for those controlled by Nung.  This opened a window of opportunity for conquest and, by jove, Shen is not the kind of man to miss it.  Once he started, the dominoes began to fall quickly.  Nations protected by surrounding friendly fiefs began to move their troops up to the front lines while training newly hired recruits.  This surge became nearly unstoppable and in another ten years time, the mighty Nung Dynasty had stomped out almost all opposition.

Spreading like some sort of
fabulous hot pink virus.

As is often the case in conquering strategy games, once about half the land is conquered, it's inevitable as to who will dominate.  The ability to send gold and rice from anywhere in the kingdom makes it easy to bolster newly acquired territories.  The final battle was anti-climatic as well.

Your sweet headband is no
match for my beard fu!
This is a huge difference to RPGs which usually have the exciting payoff near the end of the game.  In these types of strategy games, the tension is all in the earlier bouts.  By mid-game there are usually one or two other nations that have an equal number of fiefs in their control.  The conquering, relinquishing, and reconquering cycle reaches a fevered pitch and whomever is victorious here usually goes on to defeat the rest.  After cleaning up the remaining nations, Shen Nung becomes the indisputable emperor of Japan.

And he's not even Japanese.