September 18, 2011

Spooky Kitaro 2 - End Game

I probably could have got at least one more posting out of Spooky Kitaro 2 but seriously, this game isn't worth it.  It became pretty evident that the entire game was going to be made up of extremely vague and long fetch quests.  Kitaro spent most of his time journeying to places he had already been multiple times just hoping that something new would happen.  The rest of the time was him meandering around hoping to stumble across a new area.

You didn't have to make the
Pacific to scale, game.

There is one correction that needs to be made from last time and it concerns the crew members that Kitaro has been gathering.  They actually are usable in combat but I hadn't realized that the combat menu icons could be scrolled up or down to give different options.  Most of them are damage dealing types of attacks though one guy has an attack decreasing ability.

There were a few places of note throughout all these gathering quests.  One involved Kitaro descending through the circles of Hell to get the powerful Hellfire weapon.  In order to cross the river of lava, Kitaro must pay a Charon clone half of all his items in order to cross.  This is a big hit to the inventory as most other NPCs who "charged" Kitaro for information just took a single item.  It was made worse that Kitaro found nothing after crossing the river and had to come back at a later time and repay the river toll.
He's so cute standing on his desk like that.

Another interesting quest was Kitaro being dispatched to take care of a large brain at the bottom of a pit surrounded by lava.  Before the brain could be defeated however, Kitaro must first slay its eyes, nose, and mouth which are all located in different places but easy enough to find now that Kitaro had a raft to access the islands.  The brain thought it was tough but forgot about the reason why skulls exist.

"The big brain am winning
again! I am the greetest!"

A major quest involving the retrieval of four orbs to gain access to the final area was never completed due to a game glitch.  As Kitaro was exploring the vast oceans in his shiny new raft, he was sailing alongside the field barrier and fleeing any encounters, as is the norm.  After one such fleeing, Kitaro found himself on the other side of the field and basically stuck in the very outside edge of the world map.  Eventually he managed to reproduce the glitch warp back to normal waters.  Being a clever fellow, Kitaro sailed to the one land mass that was still obscured by a field and beamed his way into the final area, bypassing the four orbs quests.

After a few more easy boss fights, Kitaro was on his way to Pandemonium for the showdown with Chi, the Final Boss.  This marked the first and only dungeon that had any decent maze elements in it.  Pit traps were fairly common but could be avoided by edging around the center of the room.  Chi had two forms with the second one being far more hurty than its first.

A distant relative of Myau?

After hellfiring and sealing up Chi's defeated spirit, the tentacle chick from the very beginning comes and gives Kitaro his props.  Everything starts to earthquake for some reason and Kitaro buggers off in his raft and watches the island sink.  I think all of his friends were still on that island and Kitaro has ample space on that raft.  That's cold, Kitaro.

"I needed the room for my fondue pot."