September 07, 2011

Phantasy Star - End Game

We got off track in a big way after finishing off what remained on Dezoris.  Heading back to Motavia, we decided to check out the wastelands again.  On own initial visit, we hadn't checked around the perimeter and found if we stayed right along the coastline, the vapours wouldn't harm us.  At one point along the way, we spied a town maybe eight steps or so away.  Throwing caution to the wind, the party marched in and made sure to get Myau to Cure everyone every few steps.

Ewww, Noah, lay off the burritos, mang.

Managing to brute force our way through left everyone exhausted but luckily there was a hospital in this town of Sopia.  Not much information was gained other than a lead that the Mirror Shield was buried on an island in Motavia (needed for the upcoming battle with Medusa we assume).  We lacked a vehicle that could go on water so decided to check out the only two places we had not fully explored.  They were both temples with very large maps and difficult encounters.  We had to exit back to a town to heal and return to explore many times.  Part of the problem was that the party decided that running from battles was a waste of time since it seemed like it was rarely working (unlike the earlier parts).  We got a lot of mapping done but couldn't get through either one so the gang decided to chill for awhile and strategize.

After much debate, it was agreed that everyone was sick of fighting for now and decided to revisit every town in hopes that someone had something new to say.  It was a long shot, as, up to this point, it seemed that civilians only ever had one thing to say.  Turns out we just missed a house from our previous visit (and usually I'm good about talking to everyone in towns) which set us towards the junk piles of Bortevo (the same place we picked up Hapsby).  Joy!  A hovercraft is found!  There needs to be more hovercrafts in RPGs.  While maybe not quite as badass as an airship, the option to go over land or sea is just... hey... wait a minute.  This hovercraft doesn't work on land, just sea.  This is not a hovercraft.  It doesn't even work on beach terrain!  How is this a hovercraft?  You'd best believe that Phantasy Star is losing points because of this cruel deception.

It's not even full of eels.  Rip off!

Anyway, we now were able to retrieve the Mirror Shield and head on to one of the temples that was mostly mapped out.  Time for Odin to get a little revenge on the most popular of the Gorgon sisters.

Too bad we can't take the head with us.

The party is quite strong at this point due to all the roaming around this place from before and Medusa provided little resistance.  With Odin's vengence fulfilled, the party headed to the tower of Baya Malay (also heavily mapped) and climbed their way up to the top.  Holding aloft the prism earned at Dezoris caused the clear blue sky to reveal a floating castle. But how to get there?  Myau finally eats some nuts that the party had been carrying for awhile and transforms into a majestic cat-pegasus thing.


Oh.  Didn't know he was a boy
until now. And what a boy!

Since I'm inundating you with images already, here's what we fought on the way up to the castle town.

Good dragon or Gold dragon?  YOU decide!

Hrmmm.. no rest spot is available in this town.  Just some townsfolk who don't say much and an entrance to another dungeon.  Myau was down to about half of his MP (he's the main healer) and since the party really needed to conserve on HP they attempted to start fleeing battles again which worked more consistently again (proving the earlier hypothesis about fleeing wrong).  Eventually we found Lassic in his hidey hole but since Myau was almost out of MP, he pretty much had his way with most of the team.  Alis was the only one who didn't take too much damage from him and eventually she took care of him all by herself.

Finish him!

Roll end credits.  Nope, wait, we're still in the dungeon and were told to go back to the governor on Motavia.  It was lucky that we had an item to Exit Alis out of the dungeon and that Alis is the sole possessor of the Fly spell which got her back to Camineet to resurrect and heal the others.  She most certainly would have perished if she had to walk back out the dungeon on her own.  Going to the governor's mansion drops us into another dungeon (of course).  Not as long as some of the previous ones but at this point we are all quite sick of dungeons and fighting.  After falling into a pit trap and wandering around a level that was a closed loop, we recalled that several townsfolk along the way had told us about illusions in the dungeons and to not trust our eyes.  Looking directly at every wall eventually revealed a secret door (wonder how many we missed in other dungeons).  There was a healing point just before entering the mansion so the party was almost at maximum power.  Then this came.

Uhhh... finish him?

It's a good thing we saved right before entering because this Dark Falz took many attempts to slay.  It only has one attack that it can use twice per round and can do up to 100 damage.  Even with everyone almost at full, Dark Falz still managed to survive after everyone had used up their MP.  As her beloved comrades began to fall, Alis held aloft her mighty Laconian Sword and bellowed "Not this shit again!" and cleaved Dark Falz with the strength of 10 gorillas.  Now roll end credits.  But not before posing in a victory stance for a final portrait.

Most of you should be dead.