August 23, 2011

Phantasy Star - Keep On Chooglin'

Things have been going pretty steady so far.  With the addition of Noah and his attack spells, the party is full and ready to track down Dr. Luveno.  Noah starts at level one (just like everyone else when they joined) but by this point the others are all around level 12.  This is good news as (as long as he doesn't die) Noah gains a lot of experience for each encounter and flies up to the double digits fairly quickly.  His spells are still kinda ass but hopefully he'll follow the spellcaster's code and get more powerful in later levels.

At the town of Gothic, we learn that the good Doctor is in the prison just aways off.  After letting him out (as well as many others since we unlocked all the doors), he waltzes back to Gothic.  Where are the guards in this jail?  The robot at the front took one look at our Roadpass and I guess decided we could do whatever the heck we wanted.  Anyhow, back at Gothic we look up the Doc and (for a one time investment of 1200 Mesetas) he builds us a friggin' starship!  After the party died down and the champagne became a fuzzy memory, Luveno gives us one below the belt.  Apparently, only some robot named Hapsby can fly this sweet bitch.

That wasn't part of the deal, Luveno! That
wasn't part of the DEEEEAAAALLLL!!!

Fine.  But you can forget getting a Christmas card this year, Luveno.  Heading for the town of Bortevo, we had to cross a field of lava (which I had been warned about).  We didn't have any special protective boots or anything, so Alis gave a shrug and a "Fuck it" look and went traipsing over it.  As we only took two damage for each step, it was actually a pleasant little stroll.

We're still not stopping for a picnic, Myau.

Bortevo ended up being a shabby little shantytown filled with junk piles.  Somewhere in these piles lay that pilot robot but no amount of searching brought anything to fruition.  After a very long journey around the coastline, we arrived in the town of Albion which had some Polymaterial for sale (we knew this from some scrubby dude in a cave).  Taking it all the way back to Bortevo and using it on a junk pile melted all the crummy metal away and revealed our new chauffeur, Hapsby.

We'll pick you up a cap on the way back.

Unfortunately, Haps can can only take us to one city on each of the three planets so there will still be lots of trekking around.  It is a pretty swank ride but needs some guns or something.

Not a lot of room either.  Myau'll
have to ride in the engines.

Though being denied the freedom of movement I was expecting (like the airship has in Final Fantasy), it did take us to a new area on Motavia to the town of Uzo.  We received a tip from a townsfolk that there was another town to the south but first we decided to explore around a bit.  The game allows for a bit of freedom for wandering around locations but the monster difficulty can jump up suddenly.  No problem.  It's just an area we'll come check out later.  We'll just go back the way we came.  The problem comes with the very sporadic encounter rate.  At times the party can go 20-25 steps without one and other times it'll be an encounter every one or two steps five times in a row.  What this means is that we could end up very deep in some difficult monster areas and not even realize it until the first fight.  Then we get hit with the high encounter rate on the way back.  The game is trying to set us up for a big fall but we've got our cowardly run away spells to fall back on.

Should of just gone south
like the nice man said.

That's what I get for wandering off.  Now what was I doing again?  Righto!  Finding that town.  The town itself is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a lake on the last side.  A cave entrance nearby is surely the way in.  Though we were wary of dragons residing in this cave as the rumours said, we still stumbled upon a massive Blue Dragon.  We barely managed to kill the beast; the spellcasters having drained their essence in attacking and healing magicks.  Due to the intensity of the fight I forgot to screenshot it, but believe me when I say it was frickin' boss.  We got an Amber Eye gem for our troubles.  The well fortified town of Casba had a Land Rover for sale which we just had to buy (for about four times more than the spaceship cost).  It didn't stop us from hitting encounters but it does allow us to go over some of the more unsavory parts of the map.

Eat my shread.

With the Land Rover at our disposal, we should really be able to explore the rest of Motavia now.  Before that though, we've just been asked to attend a fab new dance club by a couple of groovy ghouls who really know how to party.

♪ Won't you take me to ... Funky Town ♫