August 31, 2011

Phantasy Star - Hitting the Wall of Ice (0/7)

We didn't spend much more time on Motavia.  Gained access to one cave which ended up being too difficult for now.  As foretold by a cheery townsfolk, we found a patch of miasmic wastelands that took off far more HP than the lava did on Motavia.  We had been warned about needing protection but we were feeling fairly mighty after frolicking through that lava.  Most likely it's in that difficult cave and since there's nowhere else to explore, it's off to the icy giant Dezoris to the town of Skure.

The harsh climatic conditions of Dezoris have forced the residents to bury down past the thick ice into the frozen earth.  The passageway leading to the town is monster infested and must be traversed both coming and going from Skure.  The area surrounding Skure is very constricted with just one cave nearby.  This cave contains a small dungeon and exits into another small area with another cave.  After one more sequence like this, a much larger area opened up and we had several choices of caves and a facility to explore.  A kick up in monster difficulty means the facility is off limits for now.  Now, after getting our HPs and MPs reduced from that jump, we have to warp back to Skure for a rest.  To get back to where we were so we can explore the caves instead means walking all the way back through the Skure access tunnel and through the entire cave system again.  With even more cave systems to follow, it makes doing deeper exploring that much more difficult.  Myau has the only good healing spell (Alis has a cheaper one that is about a quarter as effective as Myau's) and similar items don't stack so the lame healing agents (Colas (10HP) and Burgers (40HP)) are in short supply.  Throw in certain foes that have the area affect spell Thunder (does ~30HP to each party member) and a few unlucky encounters means a trip back to Skure before we've even reached where we were before.  From a roleplaying perspective, I do appreciate this as it does make these places seem more unattainable and isolated but it has slowed down the overall progress of the party.  Mesetas and experience still have value however so it's not a total loss.

One of the cave systems leads to a town (with its own, even longer, monstery access tunnel) of native Dezorians with the town split into two with each side claiming that other side has liars.  Whatevs, we just picked up a handy Ice Digger for a whopping 12,000 Mesetas (which we just barely had) and made our way back (not complaining about fights now since we need Mesetas).

I think you were all equally boring. LOL!

Even though we now held the ability to smash through Ice Mountains, the party voted on going back to Motavia for a bit of a thaw out.  We figured we were now hardy enough to tackle that cave with the wasteland protection in it.  Only it didn't have any protection in it.  Instead, we found an old mage who turned out to be Noah's mentor.  Challenged to a wizard's bout, Noah wiped the floor with the old man who gave him a much needed boost in defence with a Frad Mantle.

So did I pass, master? .... Master?
.... *backs away slowly*

With heavy hearts, the party decides to go back to Dezoris and try out the Ice Digger.  The mountains don't have any distinguishing features to show where one can bust through them so it's a process of trying every single mountain icon.  Once a patch of "soft" ice is found though, it is quite satisfying to annihilate vast swaths of them.

That's what you get for being less
dense in your solid state, freak.

Slowly, but surely, headway is being made in these icy caverns.  The extra resources pouring in from encounters is helping in getting up the defenses of members so that they're losing less HP in battles and therefore extending the range of a single outing.  In fact, we're not even scared of these anymore:

Ok, maybe a little scared.