August 17, 2011

[Game 003] Phantasy Star (SMS - 1987)

Even though this is the only entry from the Sega Master System (update: It isn't anymore), it is the start of what would become a beloved series of RPGs for the Sega Genesis.  Set in a world where magic and technology coexist equally, the story begins with the protagonist, Alis, witnessing her rebel brother, Nero, being killed by the evil King Lassic.  Alis takes up her brother's revolting mantle and vows revenge.  It is not a task she can do alone so first we must seek out Odin, another rebel whom Nero told us about with his dying breath.  The lands outside of the safety of the dome are perilous.  Exceedingly perilous as is evident from the first encounter.

Ugh. Didn't even get a swing in.

A nice batch of deaths later, Alis finally managed to gain and maintain a few levels, at least enough to keep her alive for now.  After every fight or two, Alis would have to run back to Camineet to stay at her friend's place for a free "inn" stay. 

You'll end up regretting that.

A few dungeons located around Camineet proved too harsh for Alis to handle herself though she did manage to find a stone statue of a warrior.  Most likely this was Odin, who we found out from some townsfolk that he was hunting down the Medusa.  Well, he failed terribly in that so of course we should try to recruit him.  Lacking any SOFT potions in this world, we'll have to keep looking for others and hopefully come back later and cure him.  We did get a lead telling us about a "speaking beast" on Motavia that knew Odin.  Alis bought a passport to leave tropical Palma and head for the arid Motavia.

"Welcome, passengers, to lovely Motavia —
where 75% of the ground will eat you."
After purchasing the beast with a MacGuffin we got in Carmineet, we discover that this creature, named Myau, not only knows Odin but knows how to cure him.  Myau also decides to join Alis in her fight against Lassic.  Surely this Myau beast is a capable skirmisher, endowed with a primal strength and bristling with fangs and claws.

I'll tear your fucking face off.  MEEM!

Myau has a potion hanging around its neck that will cure Odin so after picking up some Friskies, we head back to Palma and into the Medusa's Cave where we last saw Odin.  With the powerhouse that is Myau, it is a total cakewalk through the dungeons to I'M BEING SARCASTIC MYAU WON'T STOP DYING.  Why couldn't Myau have been a goldfish in a bowl or a dead gerbil of some kind?  Myau can stay dead for now, Alis can just snap the potion off its neck.  Odin arise!  Arise Odin!

Oh my.  Look at those pecs... uhhhhhhhh.

After rescuing Muscles and purchasing some decent equipment for him, Alis and crew are looking to gain an audience with the governor of Motavia.  Rumour has it that he has a taste for sweet baked goods.  Apparently the only shop that sells such rare items as cupcakes lies in a dungeon filled with monsters.  I don't want to judge too harshly on the choice for location; perhaps monsters have big sweet tooths and disposable income.

Or, you know, you could invest in
a Tim Horton's or something.

After acquiring the overpriced cake, we head to the governor's palace where the guards take one look at our Triple Layer Chocolate Black Forest cake and give us the nod to get inside.  After talking with the governor about our mutual interest in Lassic killing, he gives the party a letter of introduction for an Esper (wizard) named Noah.

Was it the cat with three
tails that impressed you?

Noah is currently working on his spell mastery.  Now where do you think an aspiring Esper would go to do his training?  If you guessed the bottom of a dungeon, you win!  Noah joins readily enough and suggests that we head to the Gothic Forest on Palma to try to find the lab of Dr. Luveno.

Nice pad, Noah.  I'll just sit on the floor then?